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How would you react if Clem wasn't in the next series?

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I'd probably have a lump in my throat throughout the whole game. :(
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  • CTCCoco;738735 said:
    That would be totally epic.

    "Ehhh, Mike, give me the calf. Hmmmmmmmm... tasty..."
    clem is my top list of most loved characters so I would be like:

    "what the hell?!"
  • Wouldn't care. Walking Dead is Walking Dead. I would be upset if we never saw Clem again though!
  • I'd be okay with that.

    I am a big fan of open endings. I'm being serious. Season 1 was a great tale.
  • A lot people have made a strong emotional connection with Clem, so it will be sad to completely ignore her.
  • considering she got lee killed, good. we dont need another main character to get caught in clems wrath
  • To be honest I would probably lose interest in the walking dead as a game and wait for a sale one day down the line.
    The only reason to abandon the old crew is for lore reasons, see other aspects of the walking dead universe. However I do not see the use in seeing other aspects of the walking dead lore seeing as you can do that with the comics or the tv show.
    The only way I would be 100% okay with them abandoning the group as the focus is if they completely shift the area they are focused on. Say take the next step and portray other parts of the world than only fucking America, to be honest I am getting very tired of the american scenerie in both zombie movies and other similar movies.
    There is an entire world out there to explore do something new and interesting if you are gonna change stuff upp.

    Also, seeing a new group every time from the begining of the outbreak would become stale and repetetive real fast. I need to feel like I am actually progressing trough something, somehow.
  • I would be severely disappointed. If I wanted to start all over again, I'd buy a new game. I know there'll be new characters, but Clem is the bread and butter of this series now. I want to see her grow up and fight until she passes the torch to someone else as an adult, like Lee did for her. Starting with a new group isn't bad, as long as Clem comes in at some point during the first episode. And no, I don't think there will be anyone that can ever replace Lee, but they don't really need to make another character like him for us to play as anyways.
  • No clementine for season two? No problem! It's easy! We grab a bazooka, we go to Telltale Headquarters, we torture them in every way the possible and get them to readd clementine!
    Actually, I'd still buy Season Two if clementine wasn't on it. If that happened, I'd just like to see what would have happened to her, or who the shadows in the horizon really were.
  • I'd be disappointed in the run up, but I'd be over it by the time the game was loading up on my PC.

    I prefer to think that Clem has found Omid and Christa and are making a go of it in the countryside somewhere. And until we find out otherwise, that's what I'll keep thinking.
  • Jump for joy.

    But then, I've hoped for a new crew each season.
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