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Your Favorite Decisions

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I think one of my most memorable moments during this game was the meat locker scene in Starved For Help. Without the benefit of hindsight and ignoring the fact this is a game which you can reload if you die, I really think the Larry choice is the best decision in the game.


-You are completely unarmed and Larry is a massive guy. The salt lick would only be a useful weapon against a still body, attempting to hit a moving walker with it would be difficult.
-Clem was right there with you and the door was locked.
-Due to Larry's condition and the lack of access to the medical supplies, there was very little chance of recovery.
-Larry had proven himself to be a dangerous liability at times, nearly throwing a child into the street, he attempted to murder Lee, and he was the last person who could potentially expose Lee at the time.
-Look at the trouble nearly the whole group had earlier in the episode with the one legged teacher, Larry would have been far more of a handful.


-There was no way to know if he would recover, so you were effectively murdering a living man, something you had not done before in this game.

I killed Larry, but what an awesome choice, truly no clear definitive right or wrong course. I really hope Season 2 has more really tough decisions like this one, there were a lot in Episode 2, I think that's why it's my favorite episode overall.

What was your favorite decision in the game?
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  • Cutting off the arm. It might work but it might not. The rules of the TV show may not apply to the game so I took the arm anyway - better safe than sorry.
  • Oh how could I forget. I really liked the decision to hand that woman at the hotel the pistol as it seemed like a real character defining moment that early in the game. If you look at it like you really had to decide it would be a hard choice to watch her kill herself after you fought so hard to reach her.
  • My fav: not cutting off my arm

    reason: when you are going to the marsh house, the part is just epic
  • Cutting off arm
    Killing/not killing St. John Brothers
  • Probably saving Ben. He was begging me to let go but I just cant. I thought it was going to be one of those events when you try to save the character but the game wont let you(like Larry's situation). Glad I saved him, though he still die anyways =.=

    Also, cutting off my arm. I thought at least that it would buy Lee some time. Hearing his screams made me cringe so much, I had to close my eyes ;_;
  • Saving Ben.
    I never was angry at him, but when it got to there, I was going to save him, no questions asked. But I thought about how he would affect group if he was still alive :/

    I saved him :)

    R.I.P Ben & Kenny ;_;
  • choosing whom to give rations to in ep 2
  • i think the larry decision is such a big one and is based on how you look at the situation and how you decide to approach it and you cant make it a win win it has to be win loose, that it makes it feel personal rather than just trying to get the best outcome
  • The rations in episode 2 were a great choice. I spent a good chunk of time trying to think up a fair way to hand them out and wondering if I was choosing who was going to live or die. Back then, I didn't know that it didn't matter who got the food ... I liked thinking that every little choice could have a big or a small impact.

    The arm was an interesting choice. I knew that keeping it meant Lee was accepting that he was going to die, but I thought he could still his use arm or that it would be beneficial to not lose a bunch of blood while trying to rescue Clem. When I realized the arm was basically useless, I felt like I hadn't understood that the choice was either to cut it off because Lee was in denial or keep it for no reason except to look cool in a later fight.

    The meat locker was an important choice, but I had to make it quickly, so there wasn't a lot of time to weigh pros and cons. I made the call to try to revive Larry, but I understand why Kenny killed him. The decision made a big difference to the relationships with Lilly and Kenny, but I thought they placed too much emphasis on it. If anything, the situation showed that people needed to talk about what to do if people seemed unresponsive, so that if it happened again, everyone would be ready to act.

    I could understand if Lilly never forgave Lee for helping kill Larry (even if people thought it was necessary), but I didn't understand why Kenny held such a grudge because Lee thought Larry could be saved. So they disagreed under pressure. It didn't need to big that big of a deal, especially since no one had talked about what to do in that type of situation.
  • Kenny/Lilly points.
    Cutting the arm off.
    Weapon choices (Not the most important one, but it was great :D)
    Threatening Vernon.
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