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Other emotionally powerful games?

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After finish ep.5, I can safely say that TWD is one of my favorite games. The story was incredible but what really made it for me was how the game made me care for the amazing characters they created. The game had me screaming at my TV at some points, when really its just a bunch of pixels saying and doing some shit. But i wanted to know what other games, if there are, you've played, are like this one in the sense you really care about the characters and the game hurls you through a bundle of emotions, and whether or not they match TWD ?
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  • Mother 3.

  • Silent Hill 2 is an amazing game. Seriously. Play it or watch a LP of it.
  • the way the red dead john marston death was set up was stupid to me, i wanted to leave out the back of the barn and not just stand in front of a firing squad (i didn't even know i would have to die at that point) or at least try and kill them in a smart way the way i had wiped out entire armies just a short time earlier, so that was a big fail for me unfortunately and i didn't want to play his son so it wasn't until months later that i found out he had more to do and he wasn't just an end of game explore the world part.

    i can't even think of a game i cared about the story and characters as much as TWD, silent hill 2 was great for atmosphere though, every important door/ladder i used i was worried i was walking directly into hell
  • final fantasy 7 had me bursting out into tears a couple of times and I absolutely love that game. But it didnt leave me emotionally raw like the walking dead did. At the end, I just couldnt take it, poor clementine
  • Super Mario; I have got really emotional moments when Mario died in a game where you couldn't just save your success. ;)

    If you also talk about the atmosphere than Dead Island is a good game (best ZA-atmosphere I know) too but I don't know a game in which you can empathize with the characters in such a strong way
  • Istibul;735929 said:
    Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy)
    I agree with these! Both Fahrenheit and Heavy RAin had me pressing pause the entire time because I was filled with confusion!! so emotional!
  • Heavy Rain is pretty much the only other emotional game I could think of...
  • If you mean impacting stories, I got none. But there's plenty of Zelda games that had me bawling. :D
  • None really. I can think of a ton of games that tried to make an emotionally powerful game but none really did it for me. E.g. Heavy Rain, everyone liked it but I actually hated it.
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