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I just purchased that Mac version of Walking Dead and loaded it in my Applications folder. When I try to run it, I get a notice that the file is damaged and needs to be deleted. I tried downloading and installing again, but I got the same thing. Help, please!


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    To fix this issue you will need to disable Gatekeeper. To do this, click the Apple logo on the top toolbar and select System Preferences. Now select Security. If the padlock in the bottom left corner of this screen is not open, click on it. You will now see 3 options for downloaded applications, they are: Mac Store, Mac Store and identified developers, and Anywhere. Please select Anywhere and then confirm your selection. Once this is done, please attempt to download the installer from our website. You should no longer see the damaged file messaging.
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    To fix this issue you will need to disable Gatekeeper.

    I completely disagree and do not think this is a response that TellTale should be giving to its customers.

    From Apple's website:
    "Damaged" app. – The app has been altered by something other than the developer. This message will appear no matter the Gatekeeper option chosen.


    GateKeeper is an important security measure in OS X and people may not understand the implications of that when you tell them to disable it.

    Further Apple's support document seems to indicate that the app has been modified after it was cryptographically signed at compilation time. So either you are distributing an app that has been compromised by a 3rd party (aka malware) or you guys don't understand how to compile and sign your software.

    Why doesn't TellTale take some responsibility for this and fix this? I bought this game for my Dad this Christmas and his new iMac had GateKeeper turned on by default. It's not cool that I had to go searching around on the forums for him because you guys can't release an app that will actually run when every other Mac software developer can? This is really poor and your advice is irresponsible. Please fix this ASAP.
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