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Purchased Game But now...

posted by shinken0 on - last edited - Viewed by 415 users
So I purchased the season pass for the Walking dead and played through Episodes 1 - 3 and decided to wait until episode 4 and 5 came out to finish the game. When I turned on the game to download the episode it asked me to start my game over. When I went to do so it said that I needed to purchase the episode or the season pass. But having previously purchased the season pass confusion set in.
Thinking it was an error on my PS3 account I called Sony, they basically gave me the finger and said that all problems were on either my side or on Tell Tale's side. Annoyed I decided to re-download the game and try again. This did not help at all and pretty much made me feel more annoyed.
I read through some of the forum and noticed that many people are having some type of issue with the save file being corrupt and so I deleted my save for the game, the game file, and anything attributed to the game. I once again downloaded the game and started it up again. Once again nothing helped and I am stuck not able to play.
Please help!
Adam (shinken0)

PS: shinken0 is also my tag for PS3 if that helps at all.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Unfortunately we do not have access to any of Sony's records, so I cannot confirm if your purchase was usccessful or what products you own. If you first played the game with a PS+ account, then you would need to install the Unlock key from your Season Pass. Since you have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, this should no longer be an issue. I can try to assist further if you can provide some more detail on whatyou're experiencing, but this may be an issue with Sony not recognizing you own the game.
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