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Other emotionally powerful games?

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After finish ep.5, I can safely say that TWD is one of my favorite games. The story was incredible but what really made it for me was how the game made me care for the amazing characters they created. The game had me screaming at my TV at some points, when really its just a bunch of pixels saying and doing some shit. But i wanted to know what other games, if there are, you've played, are like this one in the sense you really care about the characters and the game hurls you through a bundle of emotions, and whether or not they match TWD ?
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  • Red Dead Redemption is definitely up there.

    I would also rank the old Lunar RPGs for the Sega CD and PS1 pretty high on the list of characters I got extremely attached to. Whether that's a testament to the original Japanese creators or just Working Designs' awesome translations back in the 90's I couldn't say.
  • tablechair;736043 said:
    Mass Effect trilogy up until the end almost makes it but it falls short.
    The Longest Journey might be the only other game that had me emotionally attached as much as The Walking Dead. Still pales in comparison though.
    I'd agree fully with both of those statments =P Albeit Longest Journey really has not aged well at all in terms of graphics.
  • The ending of Final Fantasy X had me in tears, it's a beautiful game. Honestly it's one of the only games where I can say graphics matter, the beautiful environment and detail add so much beauty of the story that it makes it even more special than it already is. Yuna is my favourite female character along with Clementine. The music is superb and unforgettable.
    I'll admit I cried just a bit at the end of Kingdom Hearts II too...but it was happy tears as it had a very sweet ending but I think the music was a big part of that. Don't let the disney put you off because it's a very interesting game.
    Heavy Rain is an emotional one and I've heard good things about To The Moon.
  • Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and Legacy of Kain!
  • yes, yes, yes
  • If it's a game in which you want to care about the characters in the universe that you're in, you might like Persona 3 FES even though it's a RPG and it isn't emotionally powerful until the end.
  • Fahrenheit. Heavy rain. Dragon age: Origins.
  • I am probably the only person who cried at the end of Bioshock Infinite but other then that I have to think, Red Dead was pretty amazing.
  • I agree with you Bioshock Infinite was pretty much awesome
  • Try Amnesia: The Dark Descent if you want shit-your-pants emotionally powerful
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