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Big request: translation please

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I've just finished the last episode of TWD and can't wait till the second season is available.

But there's one thing I don't understand. Why this game is being released only in English, even the subtitles!?

You guys made a great game and I enjoyed it to the most, but you're wasting a lot of potential ignoring other languages. I think it should at least have multilanguage subtitles, not only in PC/Mac as I've read but also in consoles. Believe me, from what I've read in some forums I visit, there're many people who either don't speak English, or too little, so they simply can't play this game, much to their frustration, or they refuse to buy a game with not a word in their language. It's a shame there are people who can't enjoy this game because of the language barrier.

Luckily this is not a big deal in my case. However it's harder for a non-native like me to get what the characters mean to say, especially in quick decisions. So, I still lost some things from time to time.

Subtitles in other languages (I guess voiceover would be too much to ask) would be a big plus and I'm sure you would get much more people playing your game.
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  • As far as i'm aware, there are a few fan-made stuff out there, which give subtitles in other languages for the game. The only one i'm actually aware of is in Polish, but who knows, maybe there are some more, considering the german let's plays out there.
  • Foreign subtitles are fine, But yeah, Voiceover is way too much too ask. You are asking someone to re-do every bit of dialogue on a different language. And I don't think the crew are into learning new languages just for the sake of one game. But yeah, Subtitles would be fine.
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