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Only way im not buying season 2 is if....

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we follow Rick and his group or anyone from the main comic/tv show.
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  • JakeSt123;740581 said:
    People talking about Daryl; have you heard of The Walking Dead; Survival Instinct? It comes out next year and it's based on Daryl and Merles' journey to Atlanta.
    I think TTG does better with their own characters anyway.
    That was the "And yeah... I know." part. :D
  • Yes. If it's not mostly original characters I won't bother, really... I mean, I will probably play it but I won't like it.
  • I wouldn't mind playing as Rick.
  • The thing is, in this game I really felt like I AM that guy called Lee and like I am part of the story. This could never happen if Rick will be the main character.
    No problem for me if we meet any characters from the tv show but definitely not as main character.
  • Only way that I won't buy season 2: finding out that characters that die in season one are magically alive in season 2!
  • JakeSt123;740581 said:
    I think TTG does better with their own characters anyway.
    TWD is one of the few Telltale games that doesn't feature an existing character. Telltale was brilliant with the Back to the Future characters, not to mention S&M and Guybrush.
  • I like Glenn - he was cool both in the game and in the series. :)
  • I think an interesting comic crossover point could take place again with Rick still in his coma (like Season 1) and you play a character surviving with the Atlanta group and exploring some of the things that they went through before Rick's return and say after a few episodes you get split from the group along with some other characters who Rick doesn't meet.

    I'm sure plot-holes would start popping up with this idea but I think it's an interesting concept all the same.
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