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Minor confusion

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So after playing the game myself I decided to watch the 5th episode on youtube and there was one scene that made me think...

when you go back into the house with your group, Lee gets grabbed by a walker that reaches through the doggy door...the same doggy door that wouldn't open without a dog collar by it. Seems cheap to me that the walker could do that.

Like I said it's minor but kind of a weird thing to miss after making a big deal out of it last episode.
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  • Yeah, we've complained about it elsewhere.
  • Yup, just a simple plot hole. Not worth the effort complaining about, cause I bet any answer that makes the most sense is Lee kept the collar, and while he was standing there in front of it the walker was able to get through.
  • The collar is probably stored somewhere in his back pocket next to the blow torch.
  • Tyrant wrote: »
    The collar is probably stored somewhere in his back pocket next to the blow torch.

    Oh Lee and his magic pockets:D
  • maybe the model of doggy door that was installed in the house wasn't that secure, as in enough to stop other pets and animals from entering but a decent push from a person/zombie would overcome the cheap locking mechanism in the door, i think it was only ben that actually checked and said it was locked (so you know) and maybe digging up the dog was unnecessary
  • General consensus is that it's a minor plot hole, not worth getting upset over. It's as likely to be a plot hole as it is disgusting that Lee may have kept a stinking rotting dog collar in his pocket. :P
  • Other option: Maybe it was battery powered with a failsafe to be open when out of batteries? And maybe the batteries just ended their life between the puzzle outside and the moment Lee's leg gets grabbed.

    But yeah, probably just a minor plot hole.
  • maybe he let it fall to the ground before he has gone inside the house
  • there are many little errors like this. I found about 20 through all 5 episodes, was already discussed in other threads
  • It is likely easily forced open by humans and walkers alike, and the group did not do this to begin with for fear of drawing walkers with the noise.
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