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Anyone else a fan of The 7th Guest?

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When I first read about the game in development in a 1992 PC mag, I knew I had to have it. Finally when it came out when I was in Grade 8, I shelled out $80 CDN to purchase it in a store in a foreign city. Even though I couldn't play the game because my PC wasn't with me, I read each and every word from all the documentation and watched the VHS tape at least 3 times.

Finally when I got home to play it, I was pleasantly surprised. The music just sucked me in, and I saw past the cheesy acting and obscure interface. Even today, I listen to the soundtrack on my MP3 player, and play the game every once in a while on using DosBox. The music is probably the best produced for a video game, and the 7th Guest has to be one of my all-time favourites.

Anyone else have any thoughts?
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