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Stop wasting my favourites, TellTale!

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Gah! Finished Episode 4.

I liked Mark, I liked him a lot. He came out of nowhere in terms of the episode but the three month handwave was sufficient. He was a nice guy, useful, had Lee's back and didn't constantly angst about everywhere, oh and he was a nice guy you could easily like.

But off'ing him with the cannibals after about ten minutes of screentime? I dunno, it just felt wasted. Obviously dropping say... Larry n there wouldn't have the same effect, but he was such a sacrificial lamb.

Then Chuck. I didn't know what to make of him at first. I was a little sceptical, but after his talk about protecting Clem, cutting her hair and teaching her to use a firearm, I warmed up to him.

With his 'heroic stand' to save Clem at the start of 4 it was impossible not to love him, even if you weren't a fan before. I also figured he'd get out just fine because "we never saw the body" and all that... but nope, dead. Gone. I would have at least liked to have met him in the sewers one final time (alive that is), maybe hiding out with a bite wound? Getting to talk to Lee one more time before he passes? He went out like a pro, but it still felt a bit... anti-climatic maybe? Wasted? Maybe he could have been at the school instead of Brie and it ends up rubbing even more moral dilemma in the 'save Ben' question.

I understand this is The Walking Dead and that nobody is safe, "No good deed goes unpunished" and in reality your amount of screentime wouldn't dictate how long you survived, but still, I think these are two characters I'd have liked to have spent a lot more time with.

Christine is... she isn't bad, she's just a bit... I dunno, dull? I keep forgetting she's there. Omar vanishes for most of Episode 4, but what little I saw of him in 3 and 4 made me like him a lot. Ben I found boring and bland regardless of his mess ups, Kenny just shouts at me a lot but he's still a great character.

I don't know, I'm not saying everyone needs to be Lee's best friend (I loved Larry as a character), but I feel like we're stuck with the more dull deadweights whilst the interesting potential guys get off'ed about ten minutes later.

On an unrelated note, I heard the zombie contest winner appears in 4. Who was it?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Game spoiler forum doesn't necesarilly mean comic spoilers. People who come here to discuss the game but haven't read the comic shouldn't be dissuaded from eventually reading it because the game forum spoilers huge events for them.
  • I used to think that I was like Glenn in the Walking Dead. But now I'm clearly Omid.
  • Mark and Chuck were really cool and nice :C
    I would totally take either of them over Ben if I had the chance but Ben is OK :/
    Brenda's Delicious Homemade Mark-leg Ben-leg is on the menu tonight, get your share!

    I like Omid too, he's really funny and has a good sense of humor.

    I don't really like Christa, she's a bit naggy :P
  • Yea but if they kill off every character that the fans really like, they are going to ruin the series. fans are not going to want to keep adjusting to new characters constantly. They need to keep at least a few favorites around. There has to be balance. Some people will die, thats inevitable, but some have to survive, otherwise whats the point? To watch an endless stream of enjoyable characters die in various ways. At least with me, it turns me off to the series and the video game.
  • Jeez! People die in the walkind dead! The characters, every single one is there for DYING. Kirkman will even let Rick die, as he said! Maybe Carl will die! Maybe Clem will die! Omid and Christa will die! They all die!

    EVERYONE will die!
  • I know how The Walking Dead works, I was reading the comics before everybody and their mum discovered it via the TV series, my point is we barely see some of these characters develop. Its inevitable just about everybody is going to die, sure, but I do think characters like Mark and Chuck bit it too early for such potentially great characters in order to make the impact even harder. If Christa or Omid died in Episode 4 it wouldn't have been nearly as great as how on end I was during five.
  • eh..well if thats the case and everyone is going to die I like the series a lot less.
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