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best episode of the walking dead video game

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now that all 5 episodes are out witch was the best episode you enjoyed the most
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  • 5 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 4

    Five for the ending, two for its excellent constant atmosphere and finale, 3 for the emotional rollercoaster, 1 for introducing us to things nicely and 4 because it felt like a filler episode and Crawford was wasted potential.
  • My favourites were episode 1 and 2 but I think all the episodes were good in different ways.
  • Rats, the poll closed B4 I could vote but...

    From favorite to least (but I enjoyed them all) 2 - 5 - 4 - 3 & 1 (tied)
  • The game was excellent. Many dark moments

    My favorite of Season 1 goes to: Episode 2 STARVED FOR HELP, because it further pushed you into the world of the Walking Dead and it also tested your character and morals, who were your friends, how to play peacekeeper. This episode revealed a players true colors when the s%3t hits the fan.

    Second place goes to the first A NEW DAY. Intro'd us to this bleak, corpse ridden world and made us reveal our intentions of what would we do in Lee's shoes? Little Clementine came into our care and melted some of our hardened hearts. Things were so simpler when it begins...always is.

    Taking home the bronze is Ep 4 AROUND EVERY CORNER. I love and hate this episode
    Hate - Chuck's demise and Lee getting bit.
    The pro's outweigh it though, especially the plan to sneak into Crawford to raid undetected. Plus, the kickass Molly ;-) and The characters lending their support for survival. Good overall.
  • 1 was great as an intro episode, but doesn't really go far on it's own merits. It DID introduce us to the difficult moral choices, but it was a fantastic introduction to the series.

    2 and 3 tie as my favorites, shocking, and they created the 'adventure' feel, who could forget Mark?

    5 just after these two, brilliant wrap up, I'll never forget Lee's heartfelt goobyes in that dark jewelry store.

    4 may have been one of the longer episodes, but it lacked the emotional punch the other episodes did, other than the rage we felt at Ben when he moved that friggin hatchet. Did have some moments though, like Molly's secret and I liked that this was miss-able. (though it was pretty easy to notice.)
  • 3 - because character development between Lee and Clem.
    5 - because Epic ending, tears inc.
    2 - because very dark, sinister and exciting
    1 - because beginnings, original group
    4 - because filler-like episode, crawford sort of boring and too long, for my taste at least.
  • 1. ep.2 - Best storyline. Best new characters. Best epic moments. Excellent disclosure of all of the characters. Awesome music. Best ending.

    2. ep.1 - New emotions. Metting with characters. Good storyline.

    3. ep.3 - Charismatic and interesting new characters (Omid and Christa). Not bad storyline. Stupid actions of most of characters.

    4. ep.4 - Awesome music. Boring storyline. The most dumb behavior of characters. Boring and not interesting new characters (all of them).

    5. ep.5 - Few epic moments. Good ending, but very obviously. Awesome music. Stupid death scene of characters. Dumb actions of protagonist. Worst disclosure of character of main antagonist ever. Worst fate of main antagonist ever. Not interesting last choice.
  • 2 was my favorite. I guessed immediately that something was extremely wrong with the dairy boys, but didn't see the final twist coming.

    I don't really have a least favorite, though... 1 started slowly but for obvious reasons.
  • 2 = 3 > 4 > 5 > 1

    I'd probably say I like 2 just a bit more because 3 is so depressing. If 5 was a bit longer it would be better than 4. But I love them all.
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