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Possible horrible things that will occur in season 2.

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So in season 1 we have dealt with some bad things like cannibals, bandits, and of course the insanity of others. Wonder what kind of things we could see for the second season of the walking dead.
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  • M o r e o f d e m :1
  • 1) Crazy religious cult that believes that zombieism is a blessing to be embraced like Omega Man.

    2) Zombie curse is blamed on (fill in the blank) and a witch hunt ensures.

    3) Über-zombies???
  • 1) Sounds a little bit interesting, but I do not really believe it.

    2) Mhm... Maybe.

    3) Like whut?
  • A Governor type antagonist?
  • Love interest will die in a horrific and abrupt way again. Because Robert Kirkman.
  • Clementine dies.
  • DanJ555;743762 said:
    Clementine dies.
    Oh god... OH GOD...

    I just thought about her skreechs~
  • Walker friendly cult is bound to happen sooner or later. That'd be pretty neat too, would kinda mimic the St. John's in a way. New group finds this town with several people in it, they take them in and but eventually learn that they plan to have a big group turning, they sacrifice one of our group and that person comes back and turns most of them and maybe bites another group member.
  • Clementine is *probably* safe. *Probably*. With Kirkman you really can't tell. In fact, some Kirkman watchers might argue that because Clementine seems so incontrovertibly safe, Kirkman will make a point of killing her, because one of the points of TWD is to mess with and break your expectations of happy outcomes.

    Anyway, one big aspect of a broken down world that we haven't seen yet is rape/sex slavery. Maybe we won't, may be too hot for Telltale, but given some stuff they have shown I wouldn't say it's completely off the table.

    Another possibility: a horrific death for Omid because he's Mr Funnypants and Mr Funnypants isn't supposed to have a horrific death, goes back to what I said about Kirkman in the first paragraph.

    Some people are predicting something ghastly re: Christa's baby, but I don't think so. I think it's possible that Christa's journey to delivery will be the focus of a future season and that it will have to be possible for the baby to survive for that to work. (Otherwise, it would be like making Season 1, the point of which is to save Clementine, without the player being able to save Clementine.)
  • AngryZombie;743707 said:

    3) Über-zombies???
    This is not resident evil.
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