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What is better for Kenny?

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When it comes to dealing with Duck and the boy? Is killing both for him? Letting him do it? Bit of both? I'm working on my "best" playthrough and wondering which of these is best for Kenny. Personally I think shooting Duck yourself and letting him kill the boy is the best solution, but I wanna hear your opinions on this and reasons in case I'm missing anything. I know the best solution and choice in the game is pretty much all subjective but still.
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  • Now I feel...different.
  • I shot Duck. Maybe if Katjaa hadn't killed herself, then shooting Duck would have helped Kenny get closure, but it seemed like way too much for a father to do after all that.

    Killing Fivel on the other hand, I saw as an opportunity to help Kenny. Definitely a cathartic moment for him since the boy looked so much like Duck.
  • thestalkinghead;743876 said:
    i did what you did, i felt like shooting your own son is just to hard a thing to do for a parent (you could say Katjaa proved that) but i got Kenny to kill Fivel so that he would't see every child zombie as Duck and have that be a crippling issue for him at a later time, especially because personally it would have been easy to kill Fivel myself but not for Kenny so i think it helped him a bit
    I thought and did the same.
  • The 2nd one. Obvious choice, I kill his son so he wouldn't suffer killing him, then to encourage him to not be so light hearted, I let him kill Fivel.
  • i made him kill both. if you do, he will hate you at the end of chapter 4 for some reason.
  • Having to kill his own son just moments after losing his wife would have been too much emotional trauma for one man to talk. Maybe if Doug had already reanimated it would be different.

    Lee's line about "No father should ever have to do that, but you can help this boy" was also excellent.
  • So it helps if you let Kenny kill the starved boy? I didn't even know that.
  • Sutinen;744030 said:
    So it helps if you let Kenny kill the starved boy? I didn't even know that.
    It all depends on how you look at the situation, but if you give Kenny the gun and tell him he can do it, it says "You helped Kenny." in the top left.
  • Dildor is right, all of the choices are "helping" Kenny in one way or another. That "You helped Kenny" made me feel bad, though, because I killed both Duck and Fivel.
  • I think Lee should shoot Duck as Kenny was in fresh grief then and wouldn't have been able to deal with it.

    But with Fivel... well, Kenny said himself that Fivel looked like Duck, so maybe it would be better for him to kill Fivel... to get closure, y'know?
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