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So I decided to save her over Doug, one of the main reasons was because she had the only gun in the group. I just noticed though at the end when we're escaping the pharmacy, she doesn't take her purse that had her handgun ammo in it.

So she's gonna have little to no bullets next episode. x_x
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  • I chose Carly not because she's female or what have you, but purely because she does have a gun, and can be quite a bit more supportive, not to mention her gunplay, despite being medium-ranged, being quite accurate. That's all.
  • You can make Silencers but Honestly the only real reason i see to choose carley over dough is Carley already knows Lee's secret so if Clementine and Carley know and Kenny is loyal to you. Then Larrys blackmail material is weak
  • CapnJay;607975 said:
    You can make Silencers but Honestly the only real reason i see to choose carley over dough is Carley already knows Lee's secret so if Clementine and Carley know and Kenny is loyal to you. Then Larrys blackmail material is weak
    That's actually a good point. If you make Kenny LOYAL, then Katjaa would follow, as would Duck. Clementine trusts Lee, and Carly already knows. The only X-Factor would be Doug (if you save him).
  • Chillforce;604247 said:
    For those who don't read the comics...guns end up quickly going out of style. They are more a danger than a boon. In episode 2, the gunfights with bandits are likely what attract the roamers to the farm.
    I'd still save Carley. She seemed more likeable and neither her nor Doug seemed able to really survive well. How the hell does Doug go to secure a window by turning his back to it?
    actually, Carley survived real well. she saved enough lives in 1 episode for any body with a brain to save her.
  • Dougs + : He is very smart + friendly
    Carley + : Can shoot + loyal + atractive woman ;)

    I just chose her because if I would be in the same situation I would also safe the girl and the boy if I don't really know both.. Maybe I am just a sexist because of that haha
  • All of these "I saved her because she's a woman!" make me weep for humanity.

    She had ONE zombie on her ankle, but she paniced when she could have at least crushed its head enough that she might get away (Lee does this several times) whilst Doug was in the most immediate danger.

    We're also told that Doug had saved Carley before and that was without a gun as far as we know, plus he doesn't like them apparently.

    If Doug had an M4 and was popping people left, right, and centre most people would will save her because she had a nice face and knockers.
  • Yeah, she had one zombie on her ankle, while Doug brought himself in this dangerous situation.. Does Doug kill a single Zombie in the whole playthrough with a weapon? I only know that Carley helped in a lot of scenes. Don't missunderstand me but a person who can shoot is more usefull in such a world than a guy who is perfect in technique stuff. The fact that she is a girl is just a big + ... Come on.. Don't tell me that you won't care about such things during an apocalypse. Why should you still be on earth if there are just guys left? Than you know that the human race is dead, no mather what.
  • Because when there are zombies munching on my elbows the last thing I'd be thinking is "Damn, I really wanna get laid right now!" What if there are just women left, eh? The whole "We must repopulate humanity!" logic sort of falls apart there.
  • Gman5852;605102 said:
    Carley(for my 5th different spelling of her) is a complete idiot compared to Doug just lacking common sense.

    Wasted so many precious bullets on zombies
    was prepared to go in guns ablazing at the hotel part
    Actually had time to notice the upcoming zombie attack and DIDN'T grab her purse full of ammo.
    Couldn't take on a simple zombie grabbing her shoe!(KICK IT FOR GODS SAKE!)

    People argued about her saving Lee twice. After a quick replay though, I can tell you she didn't!
    The first time, if you paid attention, you would see the pharmacy was not blocked off, but locked. Unlocked by Glenn and he was the one to shout for you. Carley did however save.... Duck! She only saved Duck! Lee and the gang could have easily made it to the pharmacy!

    The second time, Lee had the edge on the zombie and could have killed him quickly and then Carley fired her gun and nearly killed everyone by attracting them! Then not realising her mistakes at the Motel scene ready to shoot up again!

    Doug however only made 2 mistakes and was helpful once.
    Lee was actually thankful that Carley shot the zombie. LOL. It was ready to bite his face off!!!
  • Yes, Lee could not handle the zombie, it was very strong apperantly.
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