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not lee! noooooo

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just finished ep 5. great story, i dunno about that ending tho! lee better not be dead!

much like the tv series i feel like if certain characters die (glen and daryl mostly) i'd stop watching. ill check out season 2 to see how clem made out but if lee is dead...

for me clem and lee make the game what it is. just my opinion
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  • dee23;742385 said:
    Well the walking dead is planned to have 300 issues, so Kirkman does plan to finish the story. In interviews he has talked about being in 2 minds about killing of Rick but says if he does he would do it towards then end i.e towards the 300th episode.

    Different people are going to see the ending differently. It's about outlook I suppose. Are you a cup half full or a half empty kind a guy. It's good that you can see something positive in the ending with the idea of your choices enabling Clementine's survival. Personally, I don't see the ending that way. There wasn't anything that you could have said in the game that would change the outcome. Clementine was predestined to survive episode 5 no matter what and Lee was predestined to die which is why the game does not continue if she is killed in the jewellery store. The game made you/us feel like you were contributing to her education but how many times in the series did Lee sit down and teach her about survival and how many of those moments were optional? As I remember in the game Lee didn't begin to prepare Clementine for life without him until the end of episode 3 when he taught her to shoot and advised her to keep her hair short. Lee engaged little with her in episode 4 since he kept getting split up, either deliberately when going off with Kenny to find a boat or when separated in the sewers and she was absent for most of episode 5. If you tell Clementine to avoid strangers or go to the country at the end It won't make a difference to her survival in season 2 because she will be written to survive one way or another if she is in season 2. It's an illusion that her survival is based on your choices as Lee in season 1. That is illusion but what was real was Lee's vision, his dream and goal after being bitten. The only thing he cared about was knowing that Clementine would be safe after he died and that she would be raised by Omid and Christa. Sadly Lee died not knowing if she would be safe and died before he could reunite her with Omid and Christa. He died during his mission. He died with out completing his mission. He couldn't continue to keep Clementine safe and reunite her with her new carers. In the end she had to keep her self safe by running and avoiding the walkers which is something she was doing since before Lee and her met.(Remember the forest at the beginning of episode 1)

    The fact is, no matter how you look at it Lee got screwed over by Telltale for the purpose of shock value and to force an emotional impact. That is what Telltale were going for all along. They wanted people to be sad, cry and remember the experience. The ending was so sad many are trying to put a positive spin on it to make themselves feel better. Lee knew he had failed the moment he was bitten, hence his response. His motivation for survival has always been about keeping Clementine safe. Ep 5 he accepted he could not do this so the next best thing was for Omid and Christa to take on the torch of responsibility. He knew and felt that his death would only be worth while if he could get Clementine back from the stranger and hand her over to Omid and Christa who he could trust to take as good care for her as he would but his time ran out before he could do this. Even if Clementine did some how manage to find Omid and Christa which would have been Lee's dying wish, Lee would not have known she found them before he died. That is what is so tragic about the ending.
    Kirkman has said after Rick dies someone else can take over. That means it can go past Rick dying because the first 300 issues are about his life. When Rick dies that is his life over with and it will carry on with someone else.

    About the running away from Walkers I doubt she did that. Remember you found her in the Tree House? I doubt she would have gone into the forest unless it was really important. And Lee's mission was complete he protected Clem to the best of his ability. To say that "He failed" is like saying "Oh Lee died. Looks like Clem will now die because without Lee she is not safe."

    You honestly think Lee got screwed by TTG? He did not. He got unlucky which could happen to anyone. He was not thinking and he got bit. And the bit about that arm? None of them knew if that would work which is unfortunate because they must have left it just that bit too long. And Lee knew that Clem would find somewhere safe (It is not just to find Omid and Christa because you can tell her to find a group as well or I think to stay on her own) because he knew that Clem would now be able to take care of herself.

    People who say "Choice is an illusion" it is not. If the choice is there for you to cut your arm off to try and stop yourself from dying from the infection the Zombie bite gives you or leave the affected limb on and risk it then it is still your choice. It just means that you ether fight with everything you can to keep yourself alive at the cost of a limb and at least give yourself a chance or just leave it and "hope for the best" even though you know you will die from the bite.
    Burfrickydur;743429 said:
    thanks for all your honest replies. its just how i feel keep in mind people play games for different reasons. i know the walking dead is all about everyone dieing and suffering i mean yea everyone eventually dies. being it getting zombiefied or just dieing because of natural events.

    my issue is killing off lee in my eyes is kind of a bad idea even though its staying true to the comic books (never read them not interested tbh). for me telltale's game was all about the chemistry between lee and clem. I.E when the bandits attacked their hotel and lee shot a couple dudes and clem ran to lee and they hugged before she ran into the RV then duck and his mother got tackled by a zombie. that may not have happened if and clem and lee weren't so close. i saw things like that and telltale loaded the game with stuff like that involving them. without lee there its not the the same game nor story.

    i'm not a happy ending disney movie style kind of person. to put some contrast out there... in dragon age i sacrificed my main character at the end and considered that a really good ending.

    every time someone ended up offering to take clem from you for her good they ended up being a whack job. lee is/was the only one capable of taking care of clem imo. lets be honest here... clem randomly running into another good person that will take care of her just by chance is more outlandish then lee surviving a zombie bite and being shot in the head.

    i hope i covered everyone's responses while avoiding a wall of text
    See I never told her to find a group. I told Omid and Christa to wait at the train and Clem to meet them there because next to Lee they would be the only ones I would have trusted to look after her along with Omid and Christa's future baby.
  • I have to agree with the original poster for this thread; I was very disappointed with Lee's death. You become emotionally invested with the characters in these types of decision making games where it is more about character interaction than pure shooting and action. I was HOOKED on TWD when I started back in October and couldnt wait for dec 4th to play the season finale. I was hoping Lee and Clem would have a happy ending at least. Idk I liked all the other episodes but wasnt happy about episode 5, specifically the finale with Lee's death and the uncertainty with what would become of Clementine. If had survived and it was him and Clem resting in that field at the very end it would have been a much better ending.
  • The whole point of TWD is that it doesn't do happy endings. If it did it would be like any other property. People who want happy endings need to read the Made To Suffer arc of the comic and realise this franchise is not for them.
  • Well all im saying is...if the player character dies at the end of season two im gonna be pissed. Honestly what is the point of trying to keep your character alive through all the episodes if he is just going to die at the end. ITS POINTLESS, regardless if death is what the waling dead is all about or not.
  • Thats life. No matter how hard you try to get out of it surviving, that just will not happen.
  • Will85;744253 said:
    Well all im saying is...if the player character dies at the end of season two im gonna be pissed. Honestly what is the point of trying to keep your character alive through all the episodes if he is just going to die at the end. ITS POINTLESS, regardless if death is what the waling dead is all about or not.
    I'm pretty sure they know not to hit the same button twice.
  • Robbingrobin;744259 said:
    Thats life. No matter how hard you try to get out of it surviving, that just will not happen.
    We get that people die, but the main characted dying (again) in season two would be just like making S2 Ep.2 take place at a ranch where two cannibal sisters and their grandfather live. It would get boring if that happened again with some minor changes. It's not about making everyone immortal, but keeping somebody alive would be nice, for a change. Christa and Omid might have survived, but we don't even know if they did.
  • I am surrounded by Idiots...

    I think I should use this as a signature.

    Please, grow up. The more I read your crying about the death of characters, the more I hope telltale finishes off the maincharacter of S2.
  • Let me do a TL;DR for you. We're not whining about characters dying. We're talking about episode two ending just like episode one.
  • Lee should have lived--- I know bla bla they had to do it to keep the game compelling but not really. Look at for example the Star Wars movies--- Luke survives and the story is still compelling!
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