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How to download Episode 5?

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Sorry that if I post wrong forums..

We only need to know the reason like
We missed your region, will help to put on xbox market asap
The Episode 5 will not sale in your region and no plan

I ask xbox support, they said they can't help me. and I have to ask myself self here

When Telltale games announce the final Episode released at 11/20,
I've waiting 3 weeks for the last Episode 5 to finish my story, but sadly,
there's still no update in my region's store since 11/21.

Here is the xbox store in my region

Taiwan(Episode 1-4 only, No 5 ????)

May I know when Telltal games will release it in xbox 360 market in my region?
or please let us know if there is no plan to release the final here,

Then I think all my Friend and I will ask xbox support to refund us, because this game is unfinished.

As you see the link below, almost others region which has Episode 1-4 are already released the final episode 2 weeks ago.

US (Episode 1-5 OK, 11/21 release)

Hong Kong (Episode 1-5 OK, 11/21 release)

Singapore (Episode 1-5 OK,11/21 release)

India (Episode 1-5 OK,11/21 release)

and so many..... please don't give us up, please....All my friend and I which bought all Episode 1-4 can't wait to play the final chapter....

thank you, we just only need to know the reason.
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  • Same here, other than unable to purchase episode 5, I also got problem with my achievement scores, as I unlock all ep 4 achievements, but they still appear as locked in my status and xbox support team told me its third party software so they cant help me.

    What bothers me more is the irony that I need to register and post my problem in a forum hope to get a respond rather than a direct contact with the staff.

    I will raise my both hands up to request a full refund for an incomplete and bugged game.
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