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Season 2 features the winter

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Yay or nay? I think it would be a great thing to add, at least for one or two episodes. It really made it difficult for Rick and Co. in the comics, but they just skipped it in the show. I would love to actually see it during the game because based on Lilly and Kenny talking at the motor inn, it is coming soon.
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  • Hell yes.

    I think it will be.
  • This is an excellent idea with new environments and new dangers like something as simple as trying to stay warm. Start a fire and risk the flames or smoke drawing attention to you vs. freezing to death.
  • RedStage;743994 said:
    Remember....TTG skipped 3 months between episodes 1 and 2....
    Yeah, well in Episode 3 Lilly said they would survive the winter in the Motor Inn with the supplies they had, which Kenny responded to with: "We'll freeze our asses here"
    He wasn't talking about Episode 1.
  • Robbingrobin;743997 said:
    Just saying that I'd expect them to do the same possibly...
  • I would love to see the winter in season 2 of the game.
  • As long as someone says 'Winter's Coming.'
  • nay. zombies are mostly frozen in the winter
  • marcu5;744486 said:
    nay. zombies are mostly frozen in the winter
    True, but they can only have winter for like an episode so its not over done and boring. That episode could feature their survival of the winter and maybe a threat of another group or something, walkers can take a break as the main threat for one episode at least.
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    Gudmoore BANNED
    Textbook;743923 said:
    I think this is a good idea.

    I think a whole season could be based around heading north. I think if you went far north enough, walkers would freeze up and not be a problem. However, you'd have the elements and other refugees to deal with...
    At first, moving north seems like an excellent idea. Corpsescicles! Then like you said, the vast majority of modern people would have little to no luck surviving in the north during the winter.

    It would definitely give that false hope that TWD is famous for.
  • Yay for at least an episode or two!
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