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sam & Max Season 3 Walkthrough

posted by Hee Ho Ho on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
The sam and max devil's playhouse walkthrough listed on your website is incomplete. only episode 1 is complete. the rest isn't there. please complete it. i've been stuck on episode 2 since episode 2 was released! :eek: <--- yeah i know :)
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  • Not quite the same thing, but here's the Universal Hint System page. Should get you through the game.
  • i want ttg to be a onestop shop. it has the other sam and max walkthroughs and started this one so why not complete it? it's not a biggie but it would be nice. a full sam and max 3-in-1 site would be nice too. currently, s1+s2 have a shared site and s3 has its own. :) it's not really about getting past epsode 2. i could have just googled it if i wanted the walkthrough.

    anyway, i started ep2 fresh and finished it with no walkthrough episode 3 was more trickier. how am i supposed to know i need to use things with corn dogs?!? makes sense but difficult! episode 4 is next. bring on zombie Sams!!!
  • Games are supposed to be more fun when you figure out the puzzles yourself. :)

    Be sure to set the hint level to its highest setting. You have to reset it with each episode.
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