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who you think will be the hero on next season ?

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who you think will be the hero on next season ? :confused:
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  • No, she did not. He mentioned she would be somewhere else.
  • I hope its a TTG crossover...

    rope sack.
  • ZombieGoBoom;739801 said:
    A certain employee who works in housewares at the local S-Mart store.... "Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart" :D

    "This, is my BOOMSTICK!"
  • I'm really hoping for a total bad-ass next season. Not that Lee wasn't bad-ass, but someone with extreme survival skills that for sure WON'T die by the end of the season. Maybe a gunslinger kind of character. Just... someone like Rick from the canon series, except without the obvious character derailment. At the very least, someone colder and less caring than Lee. You really just can't replace Lee, and trying to replicate him will 100% be a total failure. So someone that we need to warm up to, and that will slowly warm up to Clementine.
  • Another black guy. Period.

    The Walking Dead owes the African American community this, lol. Especially at the rate they kill off black people in the show.
  • Pulse;738911 said:
    If Kenny actually survived I guarantee (Well hope) that you would be him.

    Another opinion is that you would actually play as Chlem, which actually be cool cuz, like see how Carl turned out for season 3 of the show!?

    My own opinion is that you will probly be (SPOILER 5th EPISODE) that guy on the hill walking with who I think was Hershel.
    that people on that hill are omid and christa said to Lee we need to go in to the forest.
  • Hopefully no one from the first game shows up in the second. Except maybe Hilda.
  • The main character would never be a girl, i dont think in a group of boys and girls the girls are going to do all the dangerous stuff.
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