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The Choice Thread

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ok so after months season one is finally over.
what where your choices?

my personal where:

Episode 1:
I was honest to Hershel
I saved Duck
I defended Kenny
Refused to give Irene the gun
Saved Doug (first playthrough)/Carley (second)
Episode 2:
I chopped David's leg off
I had Danny shoot Jolene
I killed Larry
I didn't kill any ST.John brothers
I didn't steal from the car
Episode 3:
I didn't shoot the girl in the street
I left Lilly on the road
I talked Kenny down
I shot Duck
I helped Omid
Episode 4:
I killed the boy in the attic
I was honest to Vernon
I brought Clem to Crawford
I pulled Ben up
I showed the bite
I got everyone with me
Episode 5:
I didn't remove Lee's arm
I lost temper with Kenny
I surrendered my weapons
I killed stranger (we all know why)
I had Clem shoot Lee

so what where your choices?
guys remember that you can look at your choices on the stats
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  • Episode 1:
    ~I was honest with Hershel.
    ~I saved Duck.
    ~I defended Kenny.
    ~I refused to give Irene the gun.
    ~I saved Carley.

    Episode 2:
    ~I chopped David's leg off.
    ~I had Danny shoot Jolene.
    ~I tried to save Larry.
    ~I killed one of the St. John's brothers.
    ~I didn't steal from the car.

    Episode 3:
    ~I shot Beautrice.
    ~I left Lilly on the road.
    ~I talked Kenny down.
    ~I shot Duck.
    ~I helped Omid.

    Episode 4:
    ~I killed the boy in the attic.
    ~I was honest with Vernon
    ~I brought Clem with me to Crawford.
    ~I pulled Ben up.
    ~I showed the others my bite.
    ~I brought everyone with me.

    Episode 5:
    ~I removed Lee's arm.
    ~I lost temper with Kenny.
    ~I didn't surrender my weapons.
    ~I had Clem kill the stranger.
    ~I had Clem shoot Lee.
  • Episode 1:
    I was honest to Hershel - My Lee is a killer not a liar or a thief.
    I saved Shawn - I thought his idea to reinforce the fence was a good one and did not want him to stop.
    I defended Kenny - I don't recall the choices but it was the one where I called Lilly a bitch.
    Did not give Irene the gun - She needed to die but quietly. Lee had an axe and well....
    Saved Carley - She saved Lee's life multiple times. That's just how being in someone's debt works.

    Episode 2:
    I tried to chop David's leg off but ran out of time. That just sucked but no rewinds..ever.
    I shot Jolenne - Don't point a loaded weapon at Lee he's a killer.
    I tried to save Larry - I began siding with Lilly and she became my best friend. I tried to help Larry because my friend asked me to.
    I killed both ST.John brothers - They murdered my friend Mark and served him up for chow. Punishment fits the crime.
    I didn't steal from the car - Lilly and Clem said not to steal the food. I'm friends with both and don't steal so it worked out.

    Episode 3:
    I shot Beatrice - She was a terrified girl who got bit. That was all that could be done for her.
    I brought Lilly with me - She is still my best friend and Kenny was to blame for everything anyways.
    I fought with Kenny - Pass up a fist fight with Kenny? No way.
    I shot Duck - Kat was my friend. I offered to shoot Duck as a favor to her only.
    I helped Omid - He saved Lee's life so I owed him.

    Episode 4:
    I killed the boy in the attic - Just another walker to me.
    I was honest to Vernon - My Lee is a killer not a liar or a thief.
    I brought Clem to Crawford - We're a team!
    I did nothing when walker Oberson grabbed Ben - no mercy for traitors.
    I showed the bite - If anyone did go with Lee they need to know WHY they need to keep a close eye on him.
    Omid and Christa went with Lee - Kenny told me I could count him out on saving a little girl from her kidnapper. I told Kenny to go fuck himself.

    Episode 5:
    I didn't remove Lee's arm - I liked Lee. He keeps the arm and will die a hero.
    I lost temper with Kenny - He tried the old salt-lick maneuver with me but I was faster! I grabbed the marble statue first and tried to kill him with it but missed.
    I did not surrender my weapons - Never surrender your weapons.
    I killed stranger - with both hands on his throat did I slowly squeeze the life out of him. Then I shot him in the head...only way to be sure (and stay dead!).
    I had Clem shoot Lee - we do not let our friends turn.
  • How do you give Irene the gun?
  • oops never mind thought it said Jolene lol
  • Episode 1:
    I was honest to Hershel - I think it was that Obi Wan Kenobi vibe he gave off. I had a feeling lying to him would come back to bite me on the ass
    I saved Shawn - Figured Kenny would never let his kid get eaten, didn't expect him to leave Shawn for dead though.
    I defended Kenny - Larry really pisses me off.
    Gave Irene the gun - I think the achievement summed it up pretty well. You can always spare one bullet for a little humanity.
    Saved Carley - Boobs, gun. I keed, I keed. Seriously, she seemed to be the closest character to MY moral standpoint. Honest, altruistic, peace-keeper. Figured we'd be best bros.

    Episode 2:

    I chopped David's leg off - I didn't even think this was a decision. In fact I was really pissed when he didn't make it.
    I didn't shoot Jolenne - WHERE DID SHE GET CLEM'S HAT!?!? I needed to know!
    I tried to save Larry - Over the course of E2, I really warmed up to Lilly, and I even formed a sort of respect and understanding for Larry. I also remembered the medical supplies on the upper floor of the St John's house, I thought maybe they had some pills and Larry actually had a chance.
    I killed both St John brothers - Danny out of pure anger and bloodlust, Andy out of sympathy. I'm also slightly disturbed that I'm in the minority here, you guys'd seriously leave a grieving, broken man to be eaten alive as his whole world crumbles around him? I mean, I love poetic justice, but damn, that's cold.
    I didn't steal from the car - The only choice that I didn't agree with. I only said no because I had already let Clem down twice that episode.

    Episode 3:
    I shot the woman in the street - Suffice to say, mercy is a recurring theme with my Lee. Nuff said.
    I brought Lilly with me - Emotionally shellshocked, wasn't thinking straight. I don't think I regret it, I guess it was the right thing to do, I didn't really care, I just wanted to know why she shot Carley. Although, thinking back, it's pretty clear.
    I talked Kenny down - I regret this in retrospect, I think he needed to blow off some steam, repressing it probably did even more damage.
    I shot Duck - I wouldn't do that to Kenny, even if he IS a jackass.
    I helped Christa - panicked, misclicked. Definitely would have saved Omid.

    Episode 4:
    I made Kenny kill the boy - Catharsis. Plain and simple.
    I was honest to Vernon - Carley's will lives on IN SPIRIT! I shall never tell a lie again! Also Vernon seemed like a really cool old guy.
    I brought Clem to Crawford - I was going to make her stay, then she brought up Omid, if he turned she'd be in just as much danger and I wouldn't be there to protect her.
    I saved Ben - Despite threatening to throw him off the train earlier. I'm no monster, and anyone with common sense could see that Ben wasn't either. Poor kid.
    I showed the bite - Honesty is the best policy!
    They all came with me - Because I'm such a nice guy...although Kenny took some convincing...jackass.

    Episode 5:

    I cut Lee's arm off - It was pretty obvious that Lee was a goner the second he passed out. I think the only reason I did this was the Evil Dead appeal. I regretted it until I found out it actually helps...kinda
    I lost my temper with Kenny - I was morally outraged that Kenny would bounce RIGHT BACK into Larry territory JUST as he seemed to be softening up a little. I apologized afterwards, and I forgive him now. That one dialog choice couldn't have put it better. He WASN'T a bad guy...just 'flawed.'
    I surrendered my weapons - Apparently, I was one of the few people who didn't carry any ill will for Campman. I wanted to have civil conversation, sort it all out, and leave with Clementine. If only that's how it actually turned out.
    Clem shot Campman - I actually stopped strangling him before the prompt dissapeared. Mostly because I would be both proving him right AND killing an arguably 'innocent' man in front of Clem. The St Johns were enough. Was VERY proud she had the sense to save my life though.
    I had Clem shoot Lee - Clem will carry on the will of Lee! Yet again, it's just one bullet. Plus it provides closure for Clementine. What if, sometime down the line, she ever got it in her head to come back for me, to put me down, or even worse, what if she thought I had somehow miraculously survived!?! After her parents, that'd probably kill her. Nope, I stand by what I did, it was better for both of us. It's an act of mercy, and something you need to be able to do at the drop of a hat...just make sure they're actually goners first...looking at you Kenny.
  • [B] Episode 1: [/B)
    I lied to Hershel
    I saved Duck
    I defended Kenny
    Gave Irene the gun
    Saved Carley
    [B] Episode 2: [/B)
    I chopped David's leg off
    I had Danny shoot Jolene
    I killed Larry
    I didn't kill any Sr.John brothers
    I didn't steal from the car
    [B] Episode 3: [/B)
    I didn't shoot the girl in the street
    I left Lilly on the road
    I knocked some sense into Kenny
    I shot Duck
    I helped Omid
    [B] Episode 4: [/B)
    I killed the boy in the attic
    I was honest to Vernon
    I brought Clem to Crawford
    I pulled Ben up
    I showed the bite
    I got everyone with me
    [B] Episode 5: [/B)
    I removed Lee's arm
    I lost temper with Kenny
    I surrendered my weapons
    I killed stranger
    I had Clem shoot Lee
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    ^ oops I messed up there...that's embarrassing :O
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  • Episode 1

    Lied to Hershel: - I was trying to be honest and don't remember NOT being honest, but Apparently I lied somewhere. =/

    Saved Shawn - I hated Duck at that time and wasn't really taking the game seriously.

    Defended Duck - I still hated him, but I hated Larry more, this is also when I started to be more honest in my decisions.

    Gave Irene the gun - She was bitten, it's the least we could do. All we had to do was grab a hollywood silencing pillow if noise was an issue.

    Saved Doug - He was in more trouble, he saved Carley at one point so I tried to return the favor somehow, he was in more trouble, and I thought maybe I could save them both.

    Episode 2

    Chopped Davids Leg off - It was the only way.

    Did not shoot Jolene - I wasn't done listening to what she had to say...

    Tried to save Larry - I knew in the back of my mind he was screwed but I wanted to give him a chance at least. I was trying to be nice to him the whole episode and was sad it had to end that way.

    Spared both St. Johns - Danny was stuck in the same trap in David, and considering what happened last time WITH a doctor of sorts, he was screwed. Andy was broken and everyone was watching, he wasn't coming after us.

    Stole from the car - I thought it was possibly Jolene's, and it didn't look like anyone was coming back (Oh how wrong I was...). Everyone was hungry the entire episode, so this was necessary I thought.

    Episode 3

    Shot Beatrice - She was going out in a BAD way, the way Kenny described leaving her made it sound all the worse too.

    Left Lilly - I was starting to side with her sorta until she shot Doug. You shoot one of our own like that, we leave you. Simple as that.

    Talked Kenny down - I didn't want to make things worse for him.

    Shot Duck - His parents shouldn't have had to do that. It was harder than I expected, because I finally started to like the kid, but oh well.

    Helped Omid - His Leg just got fucked! I don't care if Christa's a woman, and I didn't catch onto her possible pregnancy yet.

    Episode 4

    Killed the boy myself - I sort of regret this, I think Kenny should have faces his demons himself, but I did it myself to spare him the pain.

    I was honest to Vernon - I didn't want to be a douche to them, I just wanted directions out.

    Brought Clem to Crawford - NO WAY am I leaving Clem with basically no protection against possible zombies and an almost definite chance of Campman. She seemed to be growing some trust issues too, and I doubt if we got into firefight that they would aim for Clem over anyone else.

    Pulled Ben up - I was ready to kill him first chance I got after the axe, and everything else he did that episode REALLY didn't help, but I rethought it after Clem stepped in on the argument and decided that he didn't need to die. I'm glad I pulled him up too.

    Showed my bite - I HATE the cliche of the guy hiding his bite and screwing everyone else over. I trusted everyone too.

    Everyone went with me - Kenny needing some convincing, but Christa and Omid went no questions asked, and Ben went of his own will after I told him to decide for himself.

    Episode 5 (this is too long...sorry)

    "Fuck it, cut it off" - Maybe I can buy some time? Maybe Telltale will throw canon to the wind and Lee will live? No? Fuck it, cut it off anyway!

    Stayed calm with Kenny - I recognized that click bait riiiight away... :cool:

    Surrendered my weapons - I wanted to talk Campman down, show him I wasn't some violent monster.

    Clem killed him - I wanted to give him ONE last chance, he blew it. Still makes me sad that Clem had to kill him though...

    Clem shot me dead - She obviously didn't want Lee to turn, and it's traumatizing either way. I didn't want her to be haunted by the fact that she could have stopped him from turning.
  • Episode 1:
    I was honest to Hershel except when he asked about how I hurt my leg, I said I injured it while climbing over a fence, because I was trying to avoid questions about why I was going to prison.

    I had heard from other players that Kenny goes for Duck, so I tried to save Shawn, thinking that if Kenny got to Duck, both of us could save them. But no, it was not meant to be.

    I defended Kenny. Simply because his moustache is full of win.

    I gave Irene the gun. I considered not giving her it, but I figured that if I were in her place, I would rather die than become a walker and live in eternal pain. I wouldn't want a virus controlling my corpse's movements and actions. She had already gone to such lengths and locked herself up so she could change in peace. It was my fault for making her come out in the first place.

    I saved Carley, not because she was hot like the majority (I'm a straight female), and I really REALLY liked Doug, but I thought she'd be more useful as a markswoman.

    Episode 2:
    I chopped off David's leg. Simply because, hey, y'know... I didn't want to leave him there.

    I tried to save Jolene, so Danny shot her.

    I tried to save Larry with Lily, but Kenny was a d*ck and crushed his head with a salt lick.

    I spared Andy and Danny, simply because in Danny's case, I felt like he was the worse brother and he deserved to suffer, and I didn't want Clementine to think badly of me. With Andy, I spared him simply because I had liked him from the start (I always like the guys who turned out to be d*ckheads) and had sympathy for him.

    I was tempted when Kenny mentioned there was a jacket that could fit Clementine, because she would have been freezing in her dress, but I saw her face and decided not to.

    Episode 3:
    I shot the girl in the street (Beatrice, her name was) because no matter how much time we had left or how many walkers were attracted, I knew that if I died, I would simply be able to try again, and if Kenny died, I wouldn't give a rat's ass because I didn't like him at this point in the game because he was a sh*t to Ben, who was my favourite character. I liked Kenny a lot later in the game though. Anyway, I shot Beatrice because I'd have wanted someone to do the same for me.

    I really liked Lily, and she was one of my favourite characters, so I made her come with us in the hopes of convincing everyone to spare her.

    I talked it out with Kenny, because I was starting to like and sympathize with him more at this point and didn't want to hurt him.

    I shot Duck, because no parents should ever have to shoot their deal or deal with the knowledge that their only son is a monster that is going around eating people.

    I helped Omid. Because Omid is cool. And he reminded me a lot of Mark. I really liked Mark. *tear*

    Episode 4:
    I killed the boy in the attic, because I felt really bad. The boy's breathing was laboured and sounded pained, so I thought the kindest thing to do would be to put him out of his misery.

    I was honest to Vernon.

    I brought Clem to Crawford, because I was scared that if I left her alone, she would get hurt or frantic.

    I pulled Ben up, because... uhh... I may have developed a TEENY TINY little video game character crush on him... *cough* Pathetic, I know. But I really love Ben's personality. He seems like the ideal guy.

    I hid the bite. I was trying to do what I would do in real life, and I would hide the bite because I would be terrified they would throw me out of the group and I'd be left to fend for myself.

    I had the whole group with me.

    Episode 5:
    I removed Lee's arm for two reasons. One, even though I knew deep down that he was going to die, I still held onto hope and thought that at least it would make it easier for him to deal with in his last few days. And two, because missing the chance to see a badass one-armed Lee? Not gonna happen.

    I told Kenny to quit it. Ben was just... ;_;

    I just gave up my radio/walkie-talkie.

    I spared the stranger, because he seemed like a perfectly nice guy, aside from the events of the apocalypse had turned him a TEENSY LITTLE BIT insane. But that's no fault of his own. I mean, he kept his wife's severed head in a bag and talked to it. Uhh... that isn't normal, right? But I did smile when he said hello, and I said "Hi", and he was like "Okay... this is civil."

    I told Clem to leave me. I would have done it in real life. For three reasons; one, I was handcuffed to the radiator anyway, so I couldn't do her any harm. Two, I wouldn't want Clem to pointlessly waste a bullet on me. And three, we all know that walkers are attracted to sound, and shooting me would only have attracted more.
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