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Black Screen - game freezing during cutscenes (Mac)

posted by baylife on - last edited - Viewed by 353 users
Hi, Telltale support. I'm not a native English speaker so I apologize for any mistakes.

Recently there's been a problem during my gameplay: my game just freezes on determined cutscenes (it's random) and I can't do nothing about it except for shutting down the game (after waiting for like 1 minute after Command + Tab so the computer can respond).
I'd like to know why this is happening. I've tried lots of 'solutions' already and none of them actually worked.

I wasn't having this issue 'till recently. I've played all the four episodes without any problem, but when I got to episode 5, this started to happen (and sometimes when I play previous episodes it happens too).

Please, answer me. I really want to play the final episode but this issue is pretty much annoying (I'm stuck in the same exact cutscene, no matter what I do, whenever I play the game and the cutscene starts the characters become ''shadows'' and soon after that the whole screen goes black, and the sound just keep going).

I play on Steam, btw.

Thanks in advance.
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