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Ok, the Last of Us looks COMPLETELY like TWD game

posted by george1120 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users

The characters, voices, fighting/killing, all the same. I hope they didn't base their game on TWD due to its success...

It looks like the girl will have to kill the main character. Also, it already looks as if the main priority is to protect the girl.
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  • Oh good grief, it was probably unintentional but still it really does look the same. To make matters worse they have that absolutely dreadful archetype for the little girl, ya know the one where they try to make the character look like a badass by making them really sassy and sarcastic. Ergh, I hate those kinds of characters.
  • Lol, Joel and Ellie look like an older Lee and Clem.

    The premise of the game seemed interesting. I'd have to play it though to see how much it really compares to TWD.
  • To be fair, The Last of Us has been in development for a long time, and it is completely coincidental if there are any similarities to Telltale's game. The Last of Us was announced and the first trailer was released at the end of last year at the VGAs. We knew for a long time now that it was going to be these two characters and that the man, Joel, would have to get the girl out of the survivor safe zone for some reason.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they took some pointers from The Walking Dead as a franchise, as in influences from the comic series and tv show.
  • Lets hope the ending is Ellie having to shoot Joel :)
  • george1120;745929 said:
    I hope they didn't base their game on TWD due to its success...
    You're kidding..... right?
  • Haha, I actually started a similar thread to his, however the OP's enthusiasm surpasses mine ...

    To be fair, the only things that is similar to TWD are the basic concept - post apocalyptic world, a father-daughter type relationship between 2 strangers.

    However, the gameplay is completely different. This is an action-adventure game, similar like Uncharted which was created by the same studio, Naughty Dog. And Ellie, the girl, being a teenager, is physically stronger than a 9 year old (sorry Clem) and actually helps you during the fights with hostiles. For instance, in one gameplay trailer, Ellie (she's AI btw, you can't control her) picks up objects automatically and uses them to distract enemies without you having to prompt her to do so.

    Also, I believe one of the major influences in the game is the book / TV series Life after People, due to the overgrowth of plantlife in the cities, an aspect which is never explored in TWD universe as far as I know.

    And, well, voice acting in video games is nothing new. LOL.
  • It's like if TWD and Left 4 Dead had a baby.

    Maaaaan... I've never owned a PS3 and it would be sad to buy one just for this game. I don't care if it's too similar to TWD. I LOVE this genre of gaming, so I would be doing a great disservice to myself if I didn't pick it up and try it out.
  • I don't like these "survivors-has-it-all-figured-out" type of zombie stories.
  • ...I can barely wait for the last of us.
  • That one girl looked like Christa..
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