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Alot of "GAMERS" are complaining that The Walking Dead won GOTY

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Alot of forums like Neogaf, and N4G are whining and complaining how the walking dead won goty, saying, quote "it's not even a game", and silly comments like a downloable shouldn't be considered on the same level as a big budget game like halo 4.

A bunch of nonsense, and a bunch of "BAH, Walking Dead shouldn't have won goty" from ALOT of people who've never even touched the game.

Quite sad really. :(
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  • Yeah this happens every year with every GOTY winner.

    Last year the VGA's had "sold out" multiple times and were swimming in the money whatever major game studios threw at them to pay for their wins that year. This year they're uhm... how rich is Telltale?

    You'll even see this all the way down to youtube top tens, people will get absolutely vitriolic just because they don't agree with the list the person posts.
  • It was that type of mentality that made adventure games get put on the back burner. Just because it's not some AAA game made by some well known studio, many gamers believe it's not worth the money. Telltale has proven just how emotional and engrossing a mere game can be and with sequences of decision making that alter friendships for most of the game and action and a little bit of puzzle solving, it really becomes something other companies haven't done on a massive scale. This game was really a game changer for Telltale and their name is finally being put up in the spotlight right along those AAA titles.
  • i think there are a growing group of gamers that no longer give as sh*t about graphics and massive explosions in games, and would rather play something interesting and something with depth, sure there is room for AAA games but they aren't worth the money spent making them and buying them.

    In recent years games have gotten to big for their own good, forcing them to have a business plan that is designed to suck every penny they can get out of the people that buy their games and forgetting that people play games for entertainment, and that there are people like me who play games as their main source of entertainment and don't want to have to spend £35-40 on a game that will give them the same level of entertainment as a game that cost £15-20 especially because it means i can buy 2 games for the same price.

    even Gabe Newell is saying games are to expensive, and he has proved that with steam sales that actually significantly increase the money companies make.

    i would guess that it is mainly the younger gamers that think that better graphics equal a better game and it is them who are complaining that downloadable games Shouldn't get a GOTY award
  • They have a point about it hardly being a game but they are wrong TWD was better thn any thing else I played this year.
    Apart from a few games but they weren't even nominated :(
  • I like "WD the game" But I agree that it's not even a game.

    Easiest game in video game history
  • Let them whine all they want, their ignorance speaks for itself.
  • LOL haters gonna hate.

    This reminds of when Crash won best film over Brokeback Mountain at the Academy Awards, LOL!
  • Uhm, then what IS GOTY? Fucking "Call of Duty: Same-As-Every-Other-CoD-Game OPS 1869"?
  • Eh, Xbox lovers wanted Halo to win. PS3 lovers wanted journey to win. Some people complained that this is more of an interactive movie than a game. I just feel like it rightly deserved GOTY.
  • StarvingHobo;746009 said:
    Uhm, then what IS GOTY? Fucking "Call of Duty: Same-As-Every-Other-CoD-Game OPS 1869"?
    Game of The Year (?).

    OT: So you're telling me people (speaking in general) preffer expensive games with super-duper HD graphics & poor/unexistable story rather then a relatively cheap game with decent graphics?

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