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Walking Dead for Game Of the Year.

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If it doesn't win, then all faith in Humanity is lost.
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  • I know it seems like blasphemy, but does this game really deserve to be GOTY?

    Storywise, it's the best game I've played in ages. It's wonderfully designed and the sound is some of the best I've heard in years.

    Gameplay, though, which is just as important as the story, graphics, and sound, just doesn't do it for me. It's either left or right. Tap "A" constantly and press "B" to finish. Click this, then that. There's really no variety, it's the same quicktime gimmicks people ripped Resident Evil 6 apart for.

    [*]The puzzles are extremely easy even with the help turned off. They're often only one way to solve puzzles. There should've been more focus on creativity and allowing players to approach things their own way. They did it masterfully with the dialogue, why not puzzles?
    [*]You rarely die. No real difficulty, even with help settings off.
    [*]There's really no replay value, at least for me, considering the ending is the same no matter what. And I'm NOT dissing it because it has one ending, I'm just saying there's no real incentive to keep playing. You don't even get any new clothes for Lee to wear.

    Best story? Fuck yes. Best acting? Hell fucking yes. EVERYONE needs an award for their acting. All the writers need awards. The animators need awards because of the unique feel and look. But GOTY year? I don't know, guys.
  • Let me quote myself from the other thread:
    Personally, I believe it deserve GOTY because it basicly prooved what Bioware could not yet: You don't need great gameplay to tell a great story. Where Bioware still tries to please their RPG fans with RPG gameplay elements, Telltale doesn't. And because of that, actually has a much bigger appeal to a much larger group of people.

    I honestly believe the future of Story Based Games is less gameplay and a lot more story. TWD (and many Telltale games, but TWD was the breakthrough title really..) is in that aspect a game of the future. Interactive stories and not necessarily games in the old sense, but a lot closer to games then they are to movies or books.

    Also, why I believe this game was better than Heavy Rain in this aspect and therefore deserves this more than Heavy Rain did back then? Becuase TWD is a multi platform game while Heavy Rain was a dumb exclusive (best way to kill success of a game, really). And this actually also includes a mobile device in the iPad version, another sign of Telltale understanding the future of certain aspects of gaming.

    So for me, TWD deserves GOTY because it is proof that Story as a game and not just as part of a game works. And because it also proved that all platforms are capable of these kinds of games and therefore, are a chance to be succesful. So really, it broke ground in two aspects. And arent the GOTY's we all remember those that were both revolutionary and good?

    PS. Ah yes... and I also forgot to add that it proves that you can have a very good and emotionally bonding story with stylized graphics. You dont need realistic graphics to drag people in.
    So yes, I believe it deserves it because it doesn't have great gameplay or great graphics. It basicly made a new genre very viable: Story Focused Games. Much more than earlier attempts because of multi-platform.

    And really, difficulty and replay value haven't been important aspects of games for over a decade now.. So yeah, you can't really say a GOTY needs to be difficult and have replay value.
  • I kind of agree with you, not exactly the best game but definitely the best anything else that's in it. :D
  • When Mass Effect 3 wins GameInformer's Game of the Year because of "the epic culmination of five years of choices" I think The Walking Dead's gameplay can be forgiven.
  • Arbitrator;743976 said:
    When Mass Effect 3 wins GameInformer's Game of the Year because of "the epic culmination of five years of choices" I think The Walking Dead's gameplay can be forgiven.
    Epic culmination of choices?! Most of ME2's characters hardly appear and some of them die as soon as they do!
  • I agree it certainly is not gameplay of the year in the traditional sense.. But that doesn't matter to me and I was surprised to see how many people agree...
  • Like most people here I liked the game. Great story, good choices for the voices, very effective graphics, but very simple gameplay, (point at this, click that, choice options that really didn't affect the outcome of the game that much, etc.), and it deserves congrats for the nomination, but IMO it is not worthy of GOTY. I really liked this game I honestly cared about the characters, but I could get the same affect from a good novel. The interaction was too limited and too restrictive, the episodes too quickly and easily accomplished. Like I said I really liked this game, but mainly for the superb story and not for its gameplay, and if some of you try thinking with your heads and not with your hearts you might come away with the same conclusions.
  • AngryZombie;743714 said:
    I agree with ONE of those scores! :D
    haha :P
  • If you haven't seem it, Jeremy Jahns gives a solid review of the Walking Dead game and talks about it being the dark horse for game of the year.
  • Willzy123;743535 said:
    If it doesn't win, then all faith in Humanity is lost.

    It won! I knew it would! F*ck all the H8rs!
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