TWD: Episode 3 doesn't start

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Hi there, maybe someone knows about this:

I've allready played through this game for 2 times, and now I'll do it for another 3rd time. I completed episode 2 and was about to begin with episode 3, when something strange happened:

Usally, when one clicks on the "play" button on the bottom right, the loading screen will appear, right? Well, it still happens when I start a new game or repeat an episode of another full-played-through-game.

But suddenly, at the start of episode 3 in my current game, the screen just, only the mouse icon is still there (and can be moved). But the screen stays black and nothing else happens. Anyone know what this means?



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    I just found out that some other people have this problem in this time... I hope someone finds a good solution quickly!
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