Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 4


i couldn't find anything about this, searching the forum.

so... what happens: i'm playing chapter 4 of monkey island on steam. after the trial of guybrush (first 4 accuses), the game crashes, whenever i walk into the jungle/island of flotsom (maybe i can walk a few screens if entered by "foot", but every action - like use x on y - will crash the game).

something like "monkeyisland104.exe has stopped working"

recently gifted it to a friend and he has the same problem (win7 64/xp 32, doesn't seem to matter).

any help please? if i go (in steam right click on game)

- properties
- local files
- verify integrity of game cache

it always reports this: 1 files failed to validate and will be reacquired

nothing happens, and the next verifying bla bla tells the same.



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    could somebody from telltale hold my hand? telling me they are looking into this? it took me 3 years to play this game and i'm a fanatic, in monkey island matters... and i don't like to gift games to friends that don't work..

    here comes that panic feeling again... HELP!!
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    Could you possibly be playing in a language other than English?
    If so, the issue is talked about in this thread and workarounds can be found in posts #6 and 7.
    If you understand German, this might help, too (I personally don't understand German).
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    i indeed played it in german, but the first thing i did, was switching back to english. the error was still there. no solution.

    i'll try everything you suggested/linked, thx.

    but honestly... i gifted this game to my friend because it was available in german. and there's no way to justify it not working in any other language than english (which it still does not, in my case). and i do own the disc version, too (somewhere in the basement).


    so the german site DOES deliver a solution that works, right here:

    Nach ein bisschen hin und her Kopiererei habe ich dann letztendlich herausgefunden das der Fehler behoben wird wenn man die Datei “env_flotsamJungleNight.dlg” im Ordner Pack löscht.

    Genauer im Ordner SteamApps\common\tales of monkey island - chapter 4\Pack

    in english: deleting the file "evn-flotsamJungleNight.dlg" in the x:\Steam\Steamapps\common\Tales of MOnkey Island - Chapter 4\Pack folder will let you continue that game. hope it works for the french, too.

    that said, i still expect telltale to fix this on steam some time.

    chapter 5 seems to have issues, too, as i read elsewhere (edit: works in german)

    makes me a bit sad, telltale always was a great company, and until jurassic park, steam versions worked great for sam&max, wallace&gromit, strong bad, poker night and bttf. i hope they return to this quality level soon.
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