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[WD] My guy keeps automatically moving right!

posted by TheoKupo on - last edited - Viewed by 449 users
So every time I click on something, or go to the menu, or anything, when I regain the ability to move the character he is automatically moving to the right. If I then hit D, it'll stop it, but only until the next time I click on something! I just started the game and don't want to play the whole thing like this. HELP PLEASE! I'm on a Mac if it ends up mattering.
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  • Hi,

    did you resolve this problem? I have a PC and can't find anywhere else on the internet with this same problem, let alone a solution. If you resolved this problem PLEASE let me know.

    For me the problem is walking down, not right. It's like the s key is constantly being pressed until i press it once and then it's all good.

    So here is the BIG problem.... I can't use my xbox 360 controller because of this problem! When the controller is plugged in it just keeps walking in one direction if I am not moving... so I can never stand still! And pressing down on the stick or on the keyboard doesn't fix it...

    this is not just an inconvenience but actually prevents me from using my controller :(

    Please ANYONE help!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS never EVER had this problem with 100 of other games i've played. this doesn't seem to be a sticky key because it goes away when pressing the key once and comes back after pausing.... and also the problem is more persistent when a 360 controller is plugged in :S
  • I've had this problem with other games, and sometimes the problem is that I started the game with the joystick held down in a certain direction. My first thought is to make sure you aren't pressing anything while you start the game. Second, maybe try unplugging your controller/keyboard, starting the game and then plugging it in once the game is going.

    By the way, my game won't even start with my 360 controller plugged in, so count your blessings, I guess :)
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