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Walking Dead Books (Order?)

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Hey all,

The wife and I are HUGE Walking Dead Fans. We love the show and the game. I'm not much of a reader though so the books and comics are out of the question for me. My wife on the other hand reads non-stop. I was thinking of buying her the books after seeing people talk about "Rise of the Governor" and "Road to Woodbury.I have looked around but I can't find anything that lists the books in any kind of order.

So could some of my fellow WD Fans help me out and give me a list of the books in order? No comics, just the books. Thanks in advance.
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  • So as I posted this I found out Rise of the Governor was the first of his book series followed by Road to Woodbury.

    That answered that . . .

    Does he plan to expand the book series though? Since Road to Woodbury is a sequel I would imagine he has more to come.
  • I do believe Kirkman had stated that he is going to pen a third novel. Not sure when, though. Here's the source:
  • I wouldn't recommend reading the two novels without reading the comics. The novels serve as a backstory for one of the comics' villains. I've read the first one and it's not very well written. I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed it as a stand-alone story.

    Any reason you don't want to try the comics? My father's not a comic book reader, but I still managed to get him hooked. The comics are what started the series, and they're well worth reading on that basis alone. The first Compendium is on Amazon for $40 right now :)

    For what it's worth, the Road to Woodbury comes after The Rise of the Governor.
  • what do you mean order? everything is labeled, I would start with #1 but maybe that's just me.
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