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Episode 3 glitch...nothing fixes it!

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I just started playing the Walking Dead over the weekend, and I've been addicted ever since! I had no issues at all with episodes 1 or 2, but I've been stuck at the same glitch in episode 3 for 2 days now. When Lee & Kenny are trying to get the train running and Lee has found the notepad with the instructions on it. When I select the console, I can select section 6, but I cannot select section 5 to move the knob on the left. I have rewound the game numerous times, and even redownloaded it twice, but every time I am running in to this same glitch. It's getting very frustrating to be stuck on such an easy step in the game.
Any suggestions to fix this glitch? I want to keep playing this game!
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  • Just saw the solution, feel kinda stupid for posting now, lol.

    Though I hope they get it fixed,its a little silly im forced to buy the next episode to finish the one im on.

    I know its only 5 dollars, and I was going to buy it eventually, but still
  • MattP;746816 said:
    We have reproduced this issue in house, and determined that if you have either Episode 4 or Episode 5 (or both) installed, this issue will no longer occur. If you download these episodes after experiencing this issue, you will need to restart your xbox.
    I just wanted to follow-up and say that installing Episodes 4 and 5 resolved this issue for me.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Yes. I have both the notebook glitch and the panel 9 glitch. I left Lily, Doug died. I've copied the save file, reinstalled the episode, on Xbox, cleared system cache, completed all the other tasks as per walkthrough. No matter what, the 9th panel does not show up. I've now learned that a solution is to buy episode 4. That's dissapointing that I have to purchase another item to have a previous defective item work. Ugh. What if it doesn't fix it? What if the next is just as buggy. As a consumer I don't continue to buy products from a company that has delivered faulty or broken goods before. Please patch it - that's the right thing to do. If upon the conclusion of EP3 I'm still intrigued with the story, I'll buy the next one.
  • As a Walking Dead fan I decided to play this game when the first episode came out. I was led to believe that every month a new episode was to be released leading up to the third season of the Walking Dead on AMC. I was fine with later release dates as long as the quality was upheld. I had no problems with the first two episodes, but the third seems to be ridiculously full of glitches. I have only experienced the number nine switch and sketchpad glitches myself, but in looking for help have seen several other glitches. Game breaking glitches do not show quality. I've been buying the game episodically as I finished each section. I haven't had the chance to play much in the last four months, and now that I've started playing where I left off and found a place where I can't proceed because of a glitch, I've been informed that the only fix for this is to purchase two more episodes of a game that may or may not break again before the end? Are you then going to sell me a fix since there are no more episodes handy to fix the previous releases? Normally I wouldn't complain to this extent and I would just go ahead and buy the next two episodes to fix it, but as I am a poor college student I do not have the cash presently to purchase them I will complain. Had I known that this game would have so many problems I wouldn't have started playing it in the first place.
  • I would like to think that they will patch it, but until they do, and it is passed through Microsoft cert etc etc which can take time, that the alternative solution is offered as a workaround for those that can not wait for the patch,
  • ArraDyl;747603 said:
    I would like to think that they will patch it, but until they do, and it is passed through Microsoft cert etc etc which can take time, that the alternative solution is offered as a workaround for those that can not wait for the patch,
    Exactly. There's nothing to cry about here. A bug was found but they cannot update it immediately. At least they found a viable solution in the meantime if you are willing to spend 5 bucks which you will probably spend anyway if you made it this far. Great job to them in being quick to find a resolution. It could be much worse.
  • hello all. i asked the support team this question and they just told me that u need to have one or both of episode/s 4 and 5 downloaded and then reset ur xbox and it should work. im downloading now so cross ur fingers! i will let u all know if it works for me..
  • Hi,

    I've installed both episode 4 & 5, and restarted my Xbox five times. The glitch or bug still appears... I don't really know what else to do...
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    When you reload your last save, if you do not start at the beginning of the train wreck scene (when the group pulls up in the RV), please use the rewind menu to rewind to this point.
  • I have been playing WD through all the episodes as well and am stuck on the console five thing. It's been like this for a few weeks now and I am on edge trying not to break my XBOX controller because of it! I have rewound, redownloaded and restarted everything several times. Help!
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