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[WD] Can't Play EP2 on PlayStation [RESOLVED - restart the game]

posted by American398 on - last edited - Viewed by 13K users
Hey guys, i have downloaded Episode 2 from the playstation store and installed it. when i got to play it, it sends me back to the main ps3 screen, i have seen other players have this issue also, any fix?
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  • Not resolved. Not for me, anyway. I just downloaded it from the PSN an hour ago, installed the update and tried restarting it when it didn't load Episode 2, but got nothing. It only says "Installed" but it doesn't even give me the option to choose an episode.
  • Folks is anyone getting issues were its just showing as "coming soon" in the game menu and not even showing on the PS store to download episode 2?
  • Thanks Telltale for the quick response to this problem, I am sorry for the backlash you had to deal with from a lot of gamers. You are in a tough industry and deserve much more respect..thank you.
  • Victoryismine52;628856 said:
    Am I the only one that finds it upsetting that it took only 10 min for people to start calling the developers a$$h@les and start freaking out because they didn't have an update already? It's not like the developers are actually the ones moderating the forumns they have better things to do. As a product manager in software development the entitlement on here just blows my mind. I'm at work right now and was really looking forward to starting episode 2 tonight. I'll be really bummed if it doesn't work but I'm not going to start spewing hate at the developers! you wouldn't even have this amazing game if it wasn't for them and I'm sure this isn't an intentional mistake. For all you know someone at sony could have mixed up the release code and posted an older version with known issues. The only thing you can do at this point is try to provide TellTale and Sony with as much information as you can about the exact situation you are in so that they can accurately try to recreate the problem and troubleshoot it.

    I understand how much time can sometimes go into troubleshooting an issue. I have a slim and Fat PS3 at home one with an original HDD and one that I just recently upgraded. I will try the game on both tonight one downloaded in game and one from the store and I will update with what occurs in both instances.

    From all of us that are still sane please take your time and fix the problem fully and don't rush out a patch that may also have issues. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful experience with episode 1 I enjoyed it fully and look forward to diving into episode 2 head first once it's working properly.
    dude. the reason people jumped down their throats after 10 mins was because we had given them a whole exra month of wiggle room (while not hearing anything as to why) and then when its finally released BAM! back to XMB. THATS why everyone was flipping out..after an extra month, it shouldn't have happened. period.

    also, i think the "entitlement" you refer to is because the game was sold as monthly episodes, so yeah sorry i feel entitled to the MONTHLY episodes i paid for.

    that said, it went a long with me that they jumped on the problem quick, patched it and had a great episode.:D
  • Well, after several trials and errors, Day Two and no Episode 2. Glad I didn't buy the monthly pass. Not mad, just numbly disappointed. Being an avid rather than a rabid gamer, I see it from the perspective of someone who doesn't like buying things that are broken. I buy with the expectation that what I paid for is going to work. I wouldn't buy a car from a guy who said, "Oh, yeah, we'll install the engine in a month", nor would I turn to sing the seller's praises once he finally installed it. In this case, I'll just count my loss as a lesson not to buy from them again.
  • Hi. I have the season pass for PS3.

    DLed/installed Episode 2. In the “Download Content” section it shows Episode 2 as “Installed” but I can’t do anything in that section except press the back button to go back to the main menu. My save shows the last section of Episode 1 at the motel again, then the “Next Time” and the credits and kicks me back to the main menu at the end.

    What do I do now?
  • I bought the games on my girlfriends account since she has the money in it. When I go on my account I can't play episode 2 but I can play episode 1. I continue and choose episode 2 and it loads for a little and then says it can't find any saved data.
  • Wow, played the game, and it was good.
  • browncg2;628024 said:
    The PS3 release is not working. I downloaded the episode and installed it normally, but now it just boots me back to the selection screen (like others have described here).
    :same thing, i downloaded episodes 1,3,4 and 1 plays through but episode 3 and 4 boots me back to the main menu any tips on what to do?
  • :
    BFHeroesUnited2;628044 said:
    I did, and it did the same thing. Booted me to the homescreen.

    yeah same thing i called ps customer service and they said to re download it and i did but i was only able to download episodes 1/3/4. still having trouble playing episodes 3,4 when it boots me back to the main menu or homescreen any answers email me at [email][/email]:D:D:D:D:D:D

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