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Recall this game

posted by rmarrs84 on - last edited - Viewed by 378 users
Get this crap off the shelves at stores or ur just gonna have more angered people who purchased this crap on here
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  • i just wanna send this game back and get my money this is ridiculous
  • I agree with both of you.

    Having lost all my progress, I have decided to just return the game.

    The sooner the better.

    Even if they were to fix the game now with another patch (which I doubt they will), I still have lost all that time and emotional investment I put into playing Episode 2.

    It's disappointing to say the least.
  • I wish I could return my XBLA version.
  • and this is the game that won game of the year?
  • its borderline criminal what they did..scamming people... but ...i just found a post from a dev. team member of sorts and he stated they are going over the bugs or issues.. they dont even know weather its fixable via patch or wen so who knows.. i traded in old games and got the game on disc for 2 bucks lol so im not mad about losing money... but they need to fix this..its pathetic .... they're making the walking dead look bad..and i dont like saying that at all..
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