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Am I the only one surprised with...

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Seriously, I didn't think many people would chop their arm off :eek:. I thought they would of thought that the infection had already spread, and that it would be too late. Also, it would be better to kill the Campman and bust zombie ass with two hands :D
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  • Hope and curiosity were stimulating me.
  • I hacked the arm off, thinking, "Maybe, just maybe, Lee can survive after all." As time went on and Lee started looking more and more like shit, however, I knew that death was inevitable and had to accept it. It was just a false hope.
  • I knew cutting it off wouldn't do anything, but I felt myself in the role of Lee, so I hacked it off. Plus the "Fuck it, cut it off!" option was tempting. On the plus side, it did make it fairly usefull, and I'm assuming Clem doesn't shoot her kidnapper if you have both arms, so I helped her kill her first human lol
  • DreadMagus;728423 said:
    My initial feeling was to keep it... but then I saw what my choices were... and "Fuck it, cut it off!" just drew me in. lol
    This is exactly what happened to me. I knew better..but I had to try..anything to maybe give me more time to find and save Clem.
    The freaking timers for making choices really killed me.Not that they were a bad thing. They just sometimes made me go with the rash choices or emotional choices.
  • he should'be cut the whole arm to get a chance sad :(
  • He already had the black out for me, so I thought "Too late now, might as well keep the arm." :D
  • I chose to cut it off, not thinking it would save him from turning I always believed that was a foregone conclusion, but thinking it might buy him a little more time to find Clementine. I don't know if it factored in at all though, I'll have to play through again and choose not too and see if theres any difference.
  • Kept it, because I thought it'd be harder to rescue Clem with only one arm. Then I did a second play where I cut it off, which was my play of Ep4 where I chose to go alone at the end. The first thing I noticed that changed was that I found Lee even MORE badass, because he cut off his OWN arm. Secondly, I found myself giggling whenever he jumped to another building, or had to climb a ladder. Finally, I noticed that I was making more "hand" puns than usual. Glad I kept it in the first play though, because going through the herd with the butcher knife AND the giant shard of glass was just epic.
  • Mafon2;729046 said:
    Hope and curiosity were stimulating me.
    Curiosity killed the Lee-.. Cat.
  • Well, YOU try chopping your arm off with a rusty saw and no anesthesia!
    Danno123;728525 said:
    On another note...
    Who cried?.....
    *raises hand*
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