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TWD: Stuttering/lag (Disc version)

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I bought all the episodes off psn but i wanted a disc version too share with friends. I tried playing through episode 1 off disc and encountered some rather off putting lag, and in some cases i would miss opportunities speak. I missed one speaking prompt and now clementine thinks i think shes dumb, which frankly broke my heart. In a game that hinges such prompts and quick input such lag can be a killer. I get some issues slip through the cracks but theres gotta be some solution to this right?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Can you please provide more information about your PS3.

    Do you have an original or new slim PS3? What size hard drive do you have? How much free space do you have available on your hard drive?
  • I have slim i think. 80 gb about 7 gb free spac
  • I am in a similar situation, with a similar system. I bought the disc release and have had constant frame chugging. I was lagged through the last decision in episode 1, the ending maybe half hour of the first episode being the worst offender so far although it did not stop in episode 2.

    I am tempted to return the disc version and opt for the digital in the future unless there is news of a patch in the works.

    As whiny as that sounds, it's only because this issue is interrupting a fantastic experience. Thanks.
  • My point exactly thank you
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Can you please upload a video of what you're experiencing? If you don't have access to an ftp or another host site, you can upload the video on youtube and make it private and send me a link in a PM.
  • I picked up Walking Dead Season pass from the PS store last night and have had the same problem. I've plenty of hard drive space (70/120gb), I'm going to try formatting and doing a database rebuild tonight to see if it fixes the issues.

    The stuttering is annoying, but it's essentially unplayable when it freezes so long that I can't make a choice and then someone is upset with Lee for doing nothing. The other issue has been when the audio skips so much that I don't actually know what the character said and then I'm forced to choose a response and hope for the best. I find it only stutters when it's saving, but it's saving CONSTANTLY.

    I will definitely send a video if I continue to experience issues, since I hummed and haaa'd over deciding to grab it for the PS3/Xbox/PC/iPad, and am choked that I seem to have made the wrong choice!!
  • I experienced similar problems, noticed it in Episode 1 at some points but it wasn't really distracting, but Episode 2 was almost unplayable because of the stuttering.

    I also noticed, the lags occur when the game is saving (which it does A LOT!) so theres my question: I'm PS Plus Member and activated Online-Savegame Backups. Could that be a problem? The "saving" Status box, that appears all the time looks like a Playstation-UI dialogue, not like it's one from the game. So maybe it constantly backups the savegame online and thats the reason it's stuttering? Further, it seems like the Games are not installed on HDD so it constantly loads directly from the disc - could that be the problem? When I check the Download Content Section in the Main Menu it says "Installed" though...

    Here some specs:
    European Playstation 3 Slim (about 1-2 years old - not the new model)
    Playstation is original, not modded
    About 120 GB Total Space
    About 30 GB Free Space
    European PSN Account
    Playstation Plus Member and Online-Game-Save activated
    US Version of The Walking Dead Season One Retail Disk (original of course)
  • @in_vein: No PS+ account here. Still saves constantly. And it does show the "saving" box in the lower right, so I don't think PS+ is the issue.

    Loading from the disc might be an issue for some (I generally install to the HDD when I'm on Xbox to avoid lag), but, as prev mentioned, my Walking Dead is downloaded and installed from the PS store, so not the issue for me.
  • Okay. I've played through Episode 2 with very little lag and no audio stutter. That's pretty promising to me, from what I've seen on the boards E2 is the worst culprit for lag issues.

    What I did:
    - cleaned up hard drive, mostly to shrink backup to fit on my USB drive (I deleted any save games I didn't care about & deleted all downloads)
    - tried backup, which failed
    - booted into safe mode, reset defaults & did file restore (step 2 & 3)
    - tried backup again, still failed
    - booted into safe mode, again, did database rebuild (step 4)
    - tried backup ... This time it worked
    - re-downloaded and installed The Walking Dead
    - played on without issue

    So, it looks like Sony's bad HDDs are at least partly to blame.

    My specs:
    North American Playstation 3 Slim (about 2 years old)
    Playstation is original, not modded
    About 120 GB Total Space
    About 80 GB Free Space (after cleanup)
    Rough guess of about 100 hours of playtime.
    North American PSN Account (no PS+ subscription)
    The Walking Dead Game/Season Pass downloaded via PS store

    p.s. So glad I got it working. Episode 2 was insane, I'm anxiously downloading 3 - 5 now!

    p.p.s. Telltale, please don't lock your save game files. Locked save files is one of the most frustrating & ridiculous things I came across while trying to backup my my PS3 in case I needed to do a full format. Thanks.
  • I'm experiencing this stutter and lag too. To be precise, while Episode 1 had sound issues and lag initially, it smoothed out. Episode 2 is virtually unplayable though, it lags every 2 or 3 seconds, and the sound is constantly glitching and repeats phrases while skipping dialogue.

    Though I'd love to try and do what Kahlusha said they did, I can't say I find wiping my PS3 and going through backing up files or replacing the consoles hard drive, for a game that I feel should work smooth in the first place, to be a solution. I hope that doesn't sound rude... but I find it weird that a console game of all things isn't working properly on a console.

    I'm curious if the 360 version has similar issues? I have a 360, PS3, and gaming PC, and somehow picked the wrong version of this game apparently.
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