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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot

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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot and had a gun, would you have saved different people in your first game?

i was thinking about a sort of personality swap but more as a background to the reason why they have the skills they have, they would still have the same family and history but have swapped careerer paths

Doug would know your secret he is the reporter and he saves you with his gun, Carley would programme the remote etc.
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  • Gman5852;748560 said:
    And he was still just as effective as Carley with a gun, proving she was useless :D
    Doug saved your life with a laser pointer once, Carley saved your life with a gun six (?) times. Doug even admits he's the useless one. :rolleyes:
  • I saved Doug because Carley knew about my past
  • If Doug would've saved my and Clem's lives a number of times I would've saved him.

    But then again... Carley's a ho. And in our society we are teached that babies and hoes comes before men... The smart thing would obviously be to save the one with the gun but I don't know if I could've watched a young lady get ripped asunder by hungry ghouls.
  • Carley's death scene seems more gruesome than Doug's, too. Doug gets pulled out the window then the walkers start devouring him. With Carley she tries to get back up but they yank her down by her hair before devouring her. :eek:
  • I saved Carley the first time, and I think I'd save her again even if these things were different. I took almost as much time as the game allowed to make the decision, going back and forth between the two of them. And if I remember correctly, their skills never once popped into my head. I'm pretty sure I saved Carley because she's cute. Maybe if it had been Doug who knew my secret and showed me some sympathy, who said he didn't care about my past, and who came along to the motor inn and proved himself, I'd have saved him. But honestly, even with all that, I think I still would have saved Carley. Because she's cute, and for no other reason.
  • SPINEBLOOD;748627 said:
    I saved Doug because Carley knew about my past
    Damn. That's cold.
  • I was wondering that too. TellTale Games better not be surprised most people chose Carly over Doug. On one side you have the nerdy chubby boy you can't really talk to vs the good-shot cute chick you can have a conversation with and take with you on a rescue mission. Should anyone be surprised Carly was chosen most of the time? No contest.

    Me I actually chose Doug because he seemed to be in far greater trouble, but just saying someone said TTG must see how many people saved Doug and become discouraged they put in so much effort for two choices when most only see one. I say well that should've been obvious 9/10 people would save the hot useful girl with a personality over the lumpy quiet nerdy guy (though he ended up being pretty funny later on).
  • I saved Carley caused she has a gun and is a sharp shooter, pretty sure that's why majority of the people saved her. If it was reverse though, I would've saved Doug.
  • anonymau5;749723 said:
    Damn. That's cold.
    Or pragmatic.
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    For me, on my first playthrough, I loved both personalities, Doug's slightly more, but felt inclined towards Carly because she was a great shot, she had a gun, and I felt I could trust her since she hadn't told anyone the truth about me. If Carly was a nerd on top of that, even with Doug being a good shot, I think I'd roll with Carly. I do love Doug, though. That shirt...gah.
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