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Bundle questions

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from the "Sam & Max Merchandise Bundle" page in the Telltale Store:
$39.99Sam & Max Merchandise Bundle
You save $15 when you buy this bundle!
I think I used to be fairly good at maths, but if one item in the bundle costs 19.99 individually and the other 24.99, then I'm missing something here (and no, it's not the last digit I'm worried about).

(btw: On the FP Animated Series DVD site it is written "For a limited time, this DVD is available bundled with other items for special cost-saving prices. Click here for details" but the link does not point to where it should.)

Secondly, in the description of one of the posters it is noted, with respect to another poster, that "they'd look great side by side on your wall!" True, probably, so how come there's no poster bundle?
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