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Episode 2 stops at 99%

posted by TheoHD on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
Hi everyone, i know there's a lot of topics already on the subject but i'm french and i'm really confuse with all those stories of workabout and everything..
As i said, the download takes a few hours to go to 99% and then it stops, it just stops to 99 and stays like that during hours so i have to do cmd alt esc...
Do you guys have any news about the subject, is there a way to contact the telltale guys ? I think it's pretty disgusting to dl a game that is so great and that the creators haven't a good technical support..
Thanks anyway !
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  • Sorry but what do i have to do after N° 5 ?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Les instructions de 1 à 5 n'ont que peu de rapport avec le téléchargement des épisodes. Elles ne servent qu'à révéler les répertoires et fichiers cachés.
    Ensuite, vous pourrez trouver le répertoire "Library" qui sinon serait caché (les fichiers et répertoires "révélés" apparaissent semi-transparents).
    En d'autres termes, après l'instruction numéro 5, vous pourrez localiser le répertoire à copier en cliquant sur (chronologiquement): Macintosh HD, Users (Utilisateurs?), votre nom, puis Library (Librairie?), Application support (Support d'applications?), Telltale Games et enfin, The Walking Dead (le répertoire à copier).
  • Thank you, this enabled me to download the game to my mac. But when I play it, the suggestion and notification text (''pick up energy bar'' ''you took care of Clementine'' ''Kenny remembers your loyalty'' etc etc I've seen them for the first episode before since this is like my 3rd time having to replay it) appear scrambled on the screen, illegible. The text doesn't show properly. How can I fix this? Thank you to respond,
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    This was posted in another thread.
    See if it helps:
    DjNDB;747783 said:
    Some people have worked around it by switching to windowed mode
    (Command + F).
    Disabling Antialiasing and/or changing the resolution in-game might make it work in fullscreen as well.
  • Macfly77;747957 said:
    This was posted in another thread.
    See if it helps:
    I don't know if our mac are different in france but following your instructions i really can't find this library thing nor application support... Weird :/
    When are they gona answer our recquires at telltale --'
  • And are you sure for the terminal line you wrote me ? doesn't seems to work ! aaaah, such a pain in the $$$...
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    TheoHD;748528 said:
    And are you sure for the terminal line you wrote me ? doesn't seems to work ! aaaah, such a pain in the $$$...
    Je viens d'essayer dans le terminal et ça fonctionne.
    Utilises-tu Mac OS X 10.7 ou 10.8?

    Sinon, essaie peut-être la commande suivante dans le terminal.

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    Ensuite, relance le Finder en tapant dans le terminal:

    killall Finder
  • Ok, ca a marché ! génial, merci mille fois :D
  • Par contre, est-ce normal que lors du telechargement avec Python, l'épisode 5 avait moins de parties que les autres episodes ?
  • Ok, now the episode two crashes when i give clementine a snack...
    Also the game freezes at the beginnung when i click on continue !
    It can't go on like that guys..
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