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I know this is random and stupid but... i just had to share this

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...When i was playing the walking dead and lee had a gun, i wish there was a option to shoot someone! in episode 3 when your next to kat and kenny i wish you could shoot one of them BUT it would lead to a game over... say i shot katjaa - kenny would shoot me right after and the other way too. if i shot clementine lilly or carley would shoot me too. if i shot ben maybe walkers come and kill me from the bullet noise. if i shot carley ben would shoot me in episode 3. I know its a super stupid thing to think but thats what i always wanted... xD i know... its stupid and stuff... but i did want to shoot dick in episode 2 because he is just sooo dumb but i did shoot duck in episode 3 though so happy days. I hope telltale make shooting someone a option but it will give a game over xD ( they wont though ) i just kinda wanted to share this with you.... i guess

Post in the comment section how stupid this was from 1 - duck ( dumb ) and 10 - doug. ( Smart )

2 - carley
3 - Ben
4 - kenny
5 - Katjaa
6 - larry
7 - lilly
8 - Vernon
and 9 - Lee
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