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Will what Lee says to Clementine in the end of Episode 5 change rest of the series

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I played Episode 5 on Friday, of course I cried I fell in love with the characters (In a non gay way) and after i finished the game and watched the end movie (past the credits if you missed it.) I figured out those 2 people in the distance are most likely Christa and Omid, But then I realise the advice I gave to Clemeintine about not trusting anyone so now I don't know how this is going to play out, Will she run away from them., Will she approach them and be happy to know it's them orit turns out not to be Christ and Omid and you meet brand new people which would upset me, because I like Christa and Omid (Especially) and it's hard to get atattched to brand game characters like I have already. And if it's not Christa and Omid I would want to know what they are doing, wether there dead or if there alive searching for Clementine.

That would confuse me the way i've confused you.
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