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Better Results in Hotel with Psycho

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Answer/ Respond With the following

Hotel Guy:
I got us a joining rooms


Let me out whos out there

Answer: ........

Hotel Guy:
Your things there

Answer: Heres everything

Hotel Guy: Do you know who i am


Hotel Guy:
Thats what clementine said why didn't you

Answer: It wasn't right

Hotel Guy: Have you ever hurt somebody you care about

Not on Purpose

Hotel Guy:
And then we came back and all our stuff was gone. Your people
Lee. That A***E in the ball cap his stupid F****G wife. I could of earned her trust back if they hadn't of made our situation so desperate.

: Im Sorry

Hotel Guy: Do i look like a monster to you


Depending if you let clementine eat the human meat in episode 3 or not respond with

I would do it Differently

Hotel Guy: You let a boy get yanked out of a window and into the night so you could protect a pretty girl with a gun.

Answer: It was impossible to save him

Hotel Guy:
You brought her to the most dangerous place in the city where she could of died

Answer: I couldn't leave her alone

Hotel Guy: Your a monster a murder and a thief and im going to hurt you so bad

Answer: It doesn't have to be this way

Hotel Guy: I know how to be a dad you know. She wouldn't be exposed to what she has been with you

Answer: ............

What ever question he asks next Then Answer again with the following ............

When clementine sneaks behind the hotel guy do not look at the bottle and wait for clementine to punch him. After you have tackled him do not shoot him in the head let him live.

Enjoy the better result
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