Lego Lord of The Rings Glitch

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I have been playing through Lego LOTR a great deal recently hoping for another lego platinum trophy in my collection and have had a glitch which has ultimately stopped me getting the 100% trophy and the ones related:

On the dead marshes I had replayed the level in free play and my tresure count went to 4/3 and is now stuck on 0/3 stopping me from getting the final mithril brick, all characters, all mithril weapons and 100%. Is there a way to fix this?

I am highly dissapointed as really enjoy the lego games and do not intend on starting from scratch for this just to glitch again.

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    Hello.. you're actually looking for the wonderful Travellers tales who make the Lego games.. these are the boards for Telltale Games.. its a common mistake.

    You can contact them here..

    I agree it IS a great game.. I am a fan of the Lego games..
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    This would make a lot of sense. Thats what I get for not going to bed and dealing with in the morning as opposed to being frustrated at 2am haha
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