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Creating Clementine

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(WARNING: The article contains minor spoilers!)

Anyone read the 6-page article in the latest Game Informer? All about the creation process behind the game's driving force: Clementine! It's a great read, and features interviews with writer/creative lead Sean Vanaman, art director Derek Sakai and the award-winning voice behind our little Sweetpea: Melissa Hutchison!

On top of that, The Walking Dead was featured pretty prominently in this issue, listed as one of the top 50 games of 2012 and featured prominently on many of the top 10 lists (Including #1 hero: Lee Everett!)

Congratulations again, Telltale. You really deserve it all and I eagerly await Season 2.
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  • It's too bad I hate game magazines. I really want to see the article.
  • I did read it, it's actually pretty interesting! And there's some early design of Clementine, kinda weird...
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I thought the idea of the original player being Clementine's older brother was interesting, but I understand why they changed it (a pre-existing relationship in a Walking Dead universe wouldn't work as well to get the emotional attachment we felt with Clem and Lee).

    Another interesting thing in there I liked was that Clem's trademark baseball cap with the letter D on it that was given to her by her father was actually based on a cap that the daughter of the lead artist (Darek Sakai) wears in real life. In fact, Clementine's entire fashion sense (dress with boyish ball cap) is based on Darek Sakai's daughter. :D
  • I apologize beforehand for being n00bish on this forum...

    But I'm on here because I saw the article in game informer (eep!). That article is totally up my alley and I have no idea what show/game/whatever that is about.

    The photos reminded me of "rule of rose" but it seemed quite a bit more badass than that! So if anyone who would be kind enough to explain, in any fashion, I would very much appreciate it. Already I assume that this is walking dead related (a show I have not yet seen), but mainly because of the previous posts.... am I wrong? T^T
  • The article's about The Walking Dead: The Game by Telltale Games (specifically the process in creating Clementine.) It's primarily an adventure game, split across five episodes, and focuses on the protagonists Lee and Clementine. There are countless reviews praising the game, and it's won at least 5 Game of the Year awards from various sources. Basically, buy it, play it and love it. It really is worth every cent.
  • I just read it. It was interesting to know exactly how she came to be, as well as her overall design. I didn't like the earlier character models of her, though.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Zeruis;749103 said:
    I just read it. It was interesting to know exactly how she came to be, as well as her overall design. I didn't like the earlier character models of her, though.
    They were interesting, but I agree. They definitely chose wisely when they decided to go with her current design. :)
  • Can someone link me the article?
  • What does the cover look like on your Game Informer? What month?
    Trying to make sure I buy the right one at the store.
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