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Most emotional moment from the whole series?

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Hello there,

I was interested to know what moment from the whole first series was the strongest for you and why?

There were many strong moments and just the fact that it makes me feel something is enough to know this game is really well done. I can only name a couple games where I felt attached to the characters and really cared about them like this.

For me, I probably have to go with the moment when Duck is about to die and you have to talk to Kenny about stopping the train. We knew Duck was about to die almost whole episode and the atmosphere was built so well. Also the music made it even more sad. When I was walking on the train towards Kenny I knew it will not be an easy discussion. When he simply refused anything bad about Duck at first (even though he does know he is dying) I really felt bad for him even though we had our moments. But I was also pretty proud to manage and talk him down calmly, without fighting him. It even made our relationship better I think.

Interested to hear your moments.
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  • The most emotional moment for me in the series was Duck's death.

    To me losing one of the children represented the lowest point for your ragged group of survivors. The safety and well being of the kids had always been the number 1 priority, and to lose one just felt like an absolute disaster. It also didn't help that I had grown fond of both Kenny and his family.

    From the first reveal of his bite wound, to watching him suffer as his health declined, to talking Kenny down on the train, to Kat's grief-stricken suicide over the loss of her son, to Lee volunteering to do the awful dead to spare Kenny from having to do something no father should ever have to was far and away the saddest portion of any game I've ever played.

    Previously only had one game had made me cry, and that was the end of Silent Hill 2. TWD got me twice, first with Duck's death and later with Lee's.

    I'd rank Duck's death as having been affected me more than Lee's however, because Lee sacrificed his life to save Clementine. There was a small positive there in that, whereas Duck's death was just a horrific loss.

    While not quite moving me to the point of eyeball sweat, there were a couple other moments in the game that I was emotionally affected by. Carley's death and burying the boy with his dog (and Lee being reminded of Duck) were up there.
  • Personally, Ben hanging by my hand in the belltower broke my heart.

    For about four years I was suicidally depressed. I'd convinced myself that I didn't deserve to live, that I was worthless. I barely hung on and pulled myself out of that black hole eventually, but it has always stuck with me a little.

    Ben begging me to let go, I just-

    It's the same hole. His is a hell of a lot bigger than mine, but it's the same goddamn hole. And it just hurt me in a way I can't describe to see someone else in it. I had to pull him out.
  • I melted down, my heart broke into a million pieces, and I started sobbing like a baby when Clem said "My parents, it's so horrible... and now, you? PLEASE... please don't become one of them, please don't become a walker..." ;_;

    R.I.P. Lee
  • I knew from the beggining,that ep. 5 is gonna have a sad ending,so I tried to keep myself together..But I started to cry when Ben stood up for himself...God,I'm weak!
    And poor Ben,man,He didn't have ANYONE with him after what happend to Travis and Their teacher..
  • I don't know why, but I was cryed when Lee hug Clem after he killed stranger, I remeber that she was told "I'm sorry Lee, I'm so sorry!" They was finally together, but no long. That was a last moment when they was happy together.
  • My most emotional moments were Lee's death, Duck's death, and Carley getting shot.

    Lee's death was the most rough because of what you have to ask Clem to do. Gosh dam I was crying like a little girl. I'm tearing up just typing this haha

    Duck's death was so bad, I can't imagine what it was like for an older guy who might have a family and was playing this, imagining that it was your wife that just committed suicide and now your son is about to die as well...

    Carley's death wasn't so much sad, but I was legit rage pissed at Lily for doing that. I left Lily's ass behind in a fit of rage, only to have Clem ask about it and she looks at you like you just kicked a puppy...
  • Duck's death, by far. Everything from making Kenny stop the train to shooting Duck myself was just heartbreaking. I'd about had it with Kenny by that point, even though I sided with him in the meat locker, so when he told me he thought he was being punished because of Shawn's death, I understood how he had been just in time to see his family die, and Kenny change. After he and Kat went into the woods and there was the gunshot, I actually said "nobody else dies today!"... and then I saw Kat. After I shot Duck (barely, because I could hardly make him out through my tears) I pretty much came to terms with Lee's death, because seeing exactly how screwed the group was I was certain Lee wouldn't make it. That may be why Lee actually getting bitten didn;t affect me as much, because I had already braced myself for it.
  • When duck got bitten, when lee died and was talking to clementine (I cried the most), when chuck died and when kenny died. Oh also, when andy was on his knees and got punched. :( anyway, there are too many emotional scenes for me to list! (+ when Ben was hanging by the bell tower, and when Molly explained her situation... When clementines parents died..)
  • I was one of the people who tried to hold in their tears, and I told Clementine to leave me. But I completely lost it when she whimpered while walking away. I kept it in again, then there was "Take Us Back".
  • dinofire;749443 said:
    I melted down, my heart broke into a million pieces, and I started sobbing like a baby when Clem said "My parents, it's so horrible... and now, you? PLEASE... please don't become one of them, please don't become a walker..." ;_;

    R.I.P. Lee
    This. This is where it finally settled in that this wasn't going to have a happy ending. Also, "I cant imagine Sweet Pea."

    The delivery of those lines hurt even worse.
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