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Kenny should make a Zombie cameo in Season 2

posted by Willzy123 on - last edited - Viewed by 981 users
I think it's safe to say he died. But he didn't DIE die. In both endings for Kenny (with or without Ben) we don't SEE him being prevented to be a walker. He is very much dead, but not DEAD dead. See what I mean?

In the Ben ending we see Kenny (what looks like to) get bitten. He could still escape and die of the infection like Lee.

In the non-Ben ending, it's pretty much the same thing, but we hear Kenny scream instead. Possibly being bitten.

My point is, we never see him get devoured, in both endings. Considering there are 2 endings where we don't see Kenny getting eaten, it make me think Tell Tale are hiding something. So I think it would be pretty cool for him to make a brief appearance as a walker in Season 2 (like Brie in EP5).

I've always wanted to see what all the main characters would look like as a zombie. But we only get to see Clementine, Mark, Brenda, Ed, Diana, Chet, David and Travis turn.

Guys and Gals; it's possible for Kenny to return; not alive, but zombified. Tell me what you think.

*UPDATE* I forgot to mention, and the end of EP5, when it says what happened to each character, it says 'Kenny got "LOST" to the herd'. And with every other character that died, it says they died; even more evidence that Kenny could be a zombie.
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  • Guys kenny is still alive the walkers would be in 2 places bens dead body and kenny kenny atleast bitten but alive I think its either kenny or clemmy whos protaginest since you can tell clem not to trust anybody she would trust ken though
  • Kenny's alive his handlebar mustache protected him
  • What if TellTale hides a picture of Kenny with out his hat in it.
  • DanJ555;749119 said:
    What if TellTale hides a picture of Kenny with out his hat in it.
    What if he was hiding the cure to the zombie virus underneath his hat?
    Dun dun DUUUUUN!
  • dinofire;749387 said:
    What if he was hiding the cure to the zombie virus underneath his hat?
    Dun dun DUUUUUN!
    If only...
  • That would break my heart..
    ..In my dreams,Kenny is still alive,and found a perfect place for himself..So no Kenny zombie -.-'
  • well he wont make a real cameo in my season 2 since i gave him the extra bullets to kill ben and possibly himself if he suicided.
  • How about Kenny as the Season 2 protagonist? Obviously we've got a lot of history with him. His last act in Ep. 5 was to change from a creature of pure selfishness into someone who can sacrifice himself for others. He's deeply conflicted at this point and (if he's alive) he could go either way. He's not the blank slate Lee was, he's a muddied shade of grey.

    In other words, it's a good starting point for a (new or returning) player to begin making tough moral choices for him.

    Plus, we were given the option of asking that Kenny take care of Clem. Foreshadowing? Did anybody pick that option?

    Anyway, maybe Season 2 could be the story of Kenny's redemption! If he found her I think he'd do anything #ForClementine.

    And I'm bookmarking this post in case that happens so I can point to it and say I called it.
  • Willzy123;749526 said:
    If only...
    "If only if only
    the wood pecker sighs
    the bark on the trees was as soft as
    the skies
    as the wolf waits below
    hungry and lonely
    he cries to the moon
    if only if only."

    I don't know what I'm doing.
  • HiggsBoson2142;749760 said:

    I don't know what I'm doing.
    I don't know either...
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