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game is a stuttering unplayable mess

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Just bought the disc version for xbox 360 and its an unplayable mess. Im pissed you ppl even had the stones to charge money for this. Feel cheated out of $30. It basically amounts to hoping i hit the right button while the stuttering catches up. This is crap and will be the last time i buy one of your games unless this is fixed fast.
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  • I prepurchased the collector's edition that comes the big comic book, which is nice. I bought this for my daughter as an early Christmas present when she returned from college. Something we could play/enjoy together, as we are both Walking Dead fans. I have already purchased this game on the iphone, which works wonderfully. So, you can imagine how I was anticipating with great excitement to play this on the XBox 360 for the first time. She tore open the box with glee, and everything looked cool. Then, we plugged it into play. We haven't fired up the XBox (4 gig, with 3 gig available by the way) in a while and were initially prompted with downloads to update the XBox. This took a while, because I have a satellite connection (albeit a high end satellite) for the internet. This connectivity is OK for browsing and some games, but not most (not sure if this matters). Anyway after downloading all XBox updates, we selected the Walking Dead disc and also had to execute an update (title update as I see referenced elsewhere). With all updates completed (including multiple reboots), we proceeded to play. While the HD resolution looked much better than my iphone version (as expected), I immediately noticed a degredation in frame rate, which I have never seen on any of the other XBox games that we own. I thought to myself...oh well...a little slow on the frame rate, but still playable...and my daughter didn't care. She didn't have anything to compare it to, so she thought it was great. However, we eventually made our way to the horrible, unplayable action sequences, which are articulated very well in previous posts (i.e. the zombie attack in the first house, and the farm where you decide which person to save). We can't even proceed past the farm scene as it eventually freezes. I tried multiple times with a reboot each time and get the same results.

    I find it hard to believe that such a product of such a franchise made it out the door in this state. I want to believe that there is a solution. Do I need a better XBox? If so, what do I need? I have been purchasing and playing video games for decades, since the Atari 2600 days. I own an NES, SNES, N64, Playstation, WII, Dreamcast, and several computers, each with a large library of games; and, never, I mean never, have I seen this type of debacle. So, I have to believe that the problem is on my end. That is, my XBox 360 is not up to the task. However, from what I read on the back of the box (requires up to 256 MB for system updates), my system should be ok. I though it might be related to my slow broadband connection. So, I disabled my XBox from the network, ran the game with no internet, and experienced the same problems.

    Therefore, we (the paying customer) need answers or solutions. While I don't want to purchase another XBox to solve the problem, I will. But, someone at TellTale Games needs to answer this plee for an explanation and instructions for the solution. And, if the game is just really this bad and nothing will solve it, just say so.

  • azombieee;747599 said:
    Same thing happened to me... saw it at Best Buy... got excited... bought it... ATTEMPTED to play it. Really disappointed because the lag was terrible, even drove to a friend's to try it on his Xbox... same thing, major lag. $30 is a lot for me and I got ripped off :( Please fix this...
    Explain to them the problems in detail (primarily that's it the game itself, not just the copy you have), and I'm sure you can get store credit for it.

    That's not as good as a refund but better that than being stuck with a game that doesn't work.
    My friend went out and bought the $130 320GB harddrive for her Xbox.
    She claims the game is now playing much better, but I will go over and see if it truly is how I expect the game [of the year] to play.
  • Just wanted to clear this up, game and concept are great. Wish there were more games out there that actually make you think and get involved like they do in walking dead. Tell tale told a great story. Just angry at technical side of things. Skipped episode 1 bec it is unplayable and limped through the rest. Awesome story and choices. Still shouldnt stutter and freeze for the $30 price tag.
  • I preordered the Collectors Edition. I paid good money for an unplayable game. I hear now its onlt affecting us who have the 4gb slim Xbox. So what is the solution? I have to go out and buy a new hard drive just to play a game that should work without it?

    How does a company put out a game that has issues like this? There is NO way you can convince me that this problem went undetected. I am waiting to find out what is going to be done about this.
  • Add me to the list of people plagued by the choppy glitches. I was making my way through the game dismissing the choppiness but when I made it to the motel it stutters so much that I can't move the cursor to kill the zombies.

    I too have the slim 4gb xbox. Which was the reason I bought the physical copy due to the limited hd space I have.

    A fix or refund would be greatly appreciated. I was looking forward to this game too.
  • Another case here - originally downloaded the first episode through Xbox live (installed, played without issue).

    Bought the disc version for a recent group event only to discover it is unplayable in its current condition (we were very sad, yup).

    I also have the 4GB Slim model and am a Gold Xbox Live subscriber.

  • here's a video i made of the gameplay on my 4gb xbox slim. this is uncut and in real time. notice how the cursor just disappears and doesn't move. I had to randomly hit buttons and push the cursor in the direction i thought it should go. eventually i got lucky and was able to advance.
  • You guys Suck, fix the XboX360 version it's embarrassing how badly it runs on XBOX fix it or recall it and give us our money back. At least tell us if we should wait for a patch or something or if we should just start playing Frisbee with our copy. Very poor quality control and even poorer customer support not even on your so called official response to the issue do you even apologize to the buyer.
  • yeah this is B.S.. i try and contact them via twitter , facebook, and this site...and they dont even respond to questions....TELLTALE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! worst i have ever seen...2 weeks and no responses ... why do you have so many pages? so you can boast about your game and how good it s...yet its so ironic that your game is unplayable as dog s**t....... i am seriously considering lawsuits if nothing is done by christmas .....this is bullshit alot of people payed alot of money for nothing...AND YOU DONT TELL PEOPLE WETHER TO GET THERE MONEY BACK OR YOUR MAKING A PATCH EVENTUALLY....BUCK UP !!!
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