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Unusual Glitch in Chapter 5: RotPG

posted by Awesomepantsman on - last edited - Viewed by 266 users
Now, this isn't a game breaking glitch or anything, but when I finish talking to Morgan in the swordfighting area of the crossroads and exit by sliding down the mast, the camera angle is still fixed on Morgan even though I'm not there anymore. I can fix it by making Guybrush walk down the stairs, and the camera becomes focused on Guybrush again, although I wonder if there is a better way to remedy it. This didn't happen on my first playthrough, it happened once on my second playthrough, and it happened every time I clicked on the boom in my third playthrough.
Here's a screenshot:

Thanks in advance.
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  • I had the same thing.

    It autosaves after you win the swordfighty thing. So I kept reloading it and it kept having the same problem.

    But then I quit the whole thing and opened the game again. I Resumed my game and climbed down the boom, and this time there wasn't a camera problem.

    So Quit out and resume/reload the autosave.
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