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What's the Last Thing You Downloaded?

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
There's one for music, there's one for films, now there's one for files. What's the last thing you downloaded (legally)?

I'll kick us off: the soundtrack to Bitejacker: Undead on Arrival. It's one of the soundtracks in the Indie Music Bundle and I've only just got round to grabbing it.
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  • A literal pile of Telltale games. I got the Walking Dead pack.
  • der_ketzer;595656 said:
    Aww. Let's just pretend it's for your review and not for the screaming little teenage girl in your basement.
    Can't we pretend that I have a screaming teenage girl in my basement? And then pretend that it's legal?
  • Alcoremortis;595650 said:
    I see you've finally proved those anti-piracy people wrong. You CAN download a car.
    And it's the best goddamn car around.
  • SaveGame Manager GX for Wii (Homebrew) which can copy savegame and/or mii data from Wii system memory to SD/USB that the system menu will not copy properly.

    SNES9x for PC I can transfer savegames between Chrono Trigger for Virtual Console and the SNES9x/SNES9xGX emulator.

    I like playing VC games, but I want to play on PC while my TV is otherwise being used and then move my saved progress back to my Wii, and I don't want to be confined to the emulator on my Wii to accomplish this.

    EDIT: Also, if you want to download SaveGame Manager GX for yourself, get it from the author's website instead of from The Homebrew Browser, as the author's site has a more recent version. I had issues getting the version from HBB to work with the forwarder (channel) given on the author's site, but that may have been my own stupid fault (as, thinking about it, I may not have had the SD card in my Wii when I tried it.)

    EDIT AGAIN: By "had issues," I mean to say that the channel installed fine but when I started the Homebrew-Browser-installed program from it, it just kicked me right back to the System Menu again. When I put the version from the author's site on my SD card instead it worked fine, but when I was typing this I had a thought that it may have been my own dumb fault without realizing it.
  • Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity. See the Goodwill thread for my thoughts. Hint - I didn't like it.
  • A fan-edit of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Stupid Name Crystal Skull.
  • The beta of Torchlight 2. It is so good!
  • Lazarus Form Recovery for Firefox

    specifically to use to recover lost post submissions while on these forums.
  • Downloading more GOGs.
    Updating previous ones with new versions released today. :D
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