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Let's Debate #2 - Clem's Mental State

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Let's Debate returns with it's second installment. This time I want to talk about the moment Clemintine saw her parents as Walkers. Followed by Lee either becoming or Walker or asking her to shoot him. A huge moment in her life and one that may have an even bigger effect on her mentality. Of course we may never find out for sure so for debate's sake, let's think about this for a moment.

There are two parts to this discussion, the first part being the positives from Clem's experiences, the second, the negatives. The overall question however is, How does this effect her future?

The positives in this argument are that she finally knows of her parents fate and whereabouts, and whilst this news is obviously crushing for her, in time she will grow stronger in place of having the lingering doubts as to her parents location and wellbeing. Of course it doesn't sound so positive but thinking from a long term perspective, this will benefit Clemintine in that she has seen death, seen people she cares about in a zombified state and her fear will slowly begin to retract. Not everybody will have chose this, but we have seen that she is willing to end Lee's suffering, whilst also showing courage and inner strength to do so. She may not realise this immediately buit in time it will show. She will become more hardened and precise in her decision making, so as to avoid the end she has seen those she cares about endure. I say this because she is a clever girl for her age and with Lee's words fresh in her mind she will become a confident and tough young woman.

Now for the negatives, which intially you might think outweigh the positives, but lets see if this is the case. First and foremost the fact that she has seen her parents as Walkers will have implecations on her mind and outlook on her own life, the death of Lee will only increase this and she may end up in a dead end. After all she is only a nine year old, regardless of how tough she may seem during the game. Although her parents were missing and Clem had doubts about their safety, she had a safeguard and beacon of hope in Lee. Now that she has lost both it may be too much for her to overcome.

Or as mentioned above it may ultimately help her and develop her mind into her greatest tool for survival. The options are up in the air at this moment in time, but the topic is out for debate.

What do you think these experiences will mean for Clemintine in the long term? Either way I can't wait to find out.

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  • Well, as Chuck said, Clementine has a strong spirit. I've really really hope that she will not becoming a brutal, unmercifully, and mad. Maybe we still have a chance to save her mental state, I will do everything for this any price. This only what remains to do. I thing that everything will depend of the Lee's actions in past. I mean, if we killed St. Jones brothers, leaved Ben in Crawford, told Clem that her parents are dead, or somethink like that, Clementine will becoming a brutal exactly. But if Lee taught her a kindness and mercy, if Lee was a really kind hero for her - Clementine can survive it, and stay a good girl. Ah... it's hard to think about that.
  • my clementine will be like the joker "why so searious?"
  • I just hope she doesn't have a mental breakdown just like comic Carl ;_;
  • I think it was a good thing in a way,and I think she took it better than I thought she would,but it will have a very negative effect on her,especially since she just lost Lee right after it as well,seeing her parents in a zombified state must have caused damage to her mind,though like you say at least she knows what happened to her parents,but we never heard her saying anything about her killing her zombified parents,so she may be haunted by the fact that they are still shambling around with the hordes of the undead.Hopefully,the experience will make her stronger and won't have a massive affect on her mental health.
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