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If you could save ******** would you?

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************ = Beatrice!

so if you could save beatrice would you? if no or yes WHY?

she could be a better carley or another lilly/kenny/duck ( depends who u hate )

she could be a scout
^^ the best
she could be the best shooter etc

OR THE WORST EVEN WORSE THAN BEN and she ends up indirectly killing clem!

would you?

- we dont know her at all

EDIT DUE TO FIRST POST : If the walkers you shoot die and you can save her.
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  • Yes of course. In the first time I played, I tryed to cover her, I was doing headshots by a lot of walkers, and suddenly I was done missed shot and killed her, "Goddamn! I'm sorry baby, it was accident!" - my thoughts. Later I understood that she will dieing anyway, because she was bitten. She was pretty.
  • Yeah I would've saved her. Assuming she wasn't bitten and there was an opportunity to do so at least. Nobody deserves to die that way.
  • If she hadn't been bitten, I would have at least tried to save her.
  • If she wasn't bitten, of course! She's a human being! She might've been a dumb one, but still!
  • if the situation was entirely different and we could save her, there is no reason why i wouldn't save her, she would be an extra member of our team/scavenger not just an extra mouth to feed
  • That1Guy;750701 said:
    If she wasn't bitten, of course! She's a human being! She might've been a dumb one, but still!
    Was she even that dumb? It seems she lasted several months seemingly by herself. Sure she was in a panic and flailing around but she was doomed at that point so I imagine most people would react similarly.
  • She didn't even try to escape, not really.

    Just exited and got swarmed.

    After three months she should have known screaming like that would draw them. Panic or no, that was pretty dumb of her.
  • It could also be that her entire group had simply been the ones to protect her for all that time, and now that everyone was gone she was panicking. If I could, I would have saved her if just simply to see where her character could have taken the story.
  • Here's what i was referring to.

    If she had a group protecting her, and they survived 3 months, wouldn't they have taught her something about the walkers? Anything? How about "don't charge into the streets screaming if you encounter a walker". Her reaction seems like she doesn't know what the hell's going on.

    I can believe that they wouldn't know that you turn if you die, and even that they wouldn't know a bite killed you, but i can't believe after 3 months she didn't at least figure out that screaming at them to go away does not help.

    Even with her...lack of knowledge about the situation, if she wasn't bitten, i probably would have saved her. I think she would be worse than Ben though, and wind up compromising the group so severely that everyone dies.
  • I dont know maybe she could have been used as a distraction xD why couldnt ben been used too as bait! like - when in crawford there is an option - throw ben at walkers - but that would become a game over xD
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