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Coolest Quotes in the Game?

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What are your favorites? Some of mine might have to be:

Lee: No Ken. It's not okay!
Drop it.

Kenny: I thought that fucking thing was broken!
You little pissant!
...Get the fuck outta here.
Lee-Lee it's okay.

Ben: This is my fault, all my fault!
So give me a fucking break!
My leg's hurt, I think.
What? What is it? I'm okay, I'm okay...

Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

Lilly: He's not, dead!
Goddammit Lee I need you!

Omid: There must be thousands of them! Jesus!
He's got a resourceful air about him. Dickson Kent III.

Larry: I've got charm comin' out of my ass!
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  • Lee: "We're all monsters now."

    Said after the Stranger asks if Lee thinks he's some kind of monster.


    Carley: "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you. But you're just a scared little girl. Get the f*ck over it."
  • Carley: Are you two done?

    Ep 1... She told Lee and Glenn sarcastically when they were gaping in awe at the screwdriver stuck in the walker's brain...

    Makes me laugh, that line, lol :p
  • Lee - Jump Omid jump!

    Omid - SAY WHAT NAO!?


    Kenny - Ben I fucking hate you!


    Kenny - ._.
  • Lee: "This deal with Clem,'s put this rage inside me like i can't even say." Hospital rooftop in episode 5.

    For some reason i really love this line.
  • Larry in episode two:

    "Good vibe? Whoa there daddy-o, I'm sorry the people with food and defenses didn't tickle your pretty pink ass!"

    Ah, good old Larry.
  • I like the one when you have the keys to the pharmacy and you still have the option to hit the door with your fire axe. After hitting the door Lee says: "Well, that was worth a shot, keys it is then." :D
  • Lee: "He's just an old racist asshole. That's his deal." - Lee's opinion about Larry
  • These are memorable quotes I enjoyed. Not sure if they're cool, but they added so much more to the game for being there IMHO.

    Any reaction Lee gets when he disagrees or does something to piss off others.
    Molly praising Clementine for saving her (I can't remember the exact quote.)
    Lee: Oh, so he gets to swear.
    Omid: You Ruined that dude's face.
    Stranger/Campman: But she's sweet. She wouldn't hurt a fly. (Owned by Clementine.) -Great nod to Psycho to boot

    "I'll Miss you."

    And pretty much any of the final moments between Lee and Clem, and every alternate take possible with their last dialogue together.
  • watertommyz;750761 said:
    Molly praising Clementine for saving her (I can't remember the exact quote.)
    Molly: "Alright nice shot kid!"
    Clementine: "Thanks"
    Person playing the game: "HOLY FUUUUUUUUU/DAYUM!/WOOOOAAAA"
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